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April 25, 2003



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



New Data Reporting System for Adult Education and Literacy



The Department of Education is pleased to announce that the Office of Adult Education and Literacy has been working with the Division of Technology to launch a new Web-based data reporting system that will become operational next month. This system will enable local and regional adult education program staff to enter data on adult learners, classes, class hours, testing, and goals by simply going to a designated website. The new system is designed to meet the accountability requirements of the National Reporting System and the adult education performance standards under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. We have made every effort to create a streamlined, efficient system for reporting data. The new system replaces the current data collection software, EdVantagePro and LiteracyPro.


Data will be stored in a secure, statewide database at the Virginia Department of Education. We will provide software accessible through the website to convert multi-year student data from EdVantagePro and LiteracyPro. Each local or regional program will use the Gold Export facility to create a zip file for submission to the conversion process over the Web.


Access to the adult education Web-based software will be through the departments Single Sign On for Web Systems (SSWS). Each school division has a SSWS administrator who can grant access to the adult education software. A list of access privileges will be provided at a later date to

assist the SSWS administrator and the adult education program manager in assigning access to all personnel who will be using the system. This latter step will be completed during May prior to the beginning of training.


Existing school administration and staff software is being enhanced to allow for entry of separate street and mailing addresses for adult education contact personnel who are not located at the central office. An access date for personnel and details will be provided later.


Technology Requirements:


A recent model PC or Mac that can sufficiently access the Internet is needed. A dial-up with 56K modem is acceptable but not preferred. Optimally, the Internet connection should be the school divisions standard higher speed Internet connection.


The designated browsers are Netscape 6.2 or higher and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. The screen resolution must be at least 800 x 600, but higher resolutions and larger screens will minimize scrolling.


Personnel using the software should demonstrate basic skills in PC or Mac as well as Internet use.


Preliminary training on the new system will be provided for adult education program managers at their state meeting in Radford, May 13-14. Certification training of those who will use the data system will be provided in the 18th Floor Computer Classroom of the James Monroe Building in Richmond in May and June. Please complete the attached registration form indicating the date you would like to attend. A user manual will be provided to participants who are trained and certified to use the software.


We look forward to the opportunities that this new data reporting system will offer at both the state and local levels. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Yvonne V. Thayer, director, Office of Adult Education and Literacy ( at 804-225-2075.