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May 2, 2003



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Student Records Collection


To comply with the information and reporting requirements for adequate yearly progress, report cards, and performance indicators of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), the Department of Education will implement a new Student Records Collection beginning with the end-of-year reporting for the 2002-03 school year. This data collection will replace major portions of the Annual School Report Statistical Section, Report of Graduates, Report of Dropouts, and the Fall Membership Report.


Pursuant to the information provided in SUPTS. Memo No. 94, dated July 19, 2002, the Office of Information Technology has been working with school division contacts in developing the data requirements for the Student Records Collection. To further assist school divisions in complying with the additional reporting requirements, information is updated on the Virginia Department of Educations website at as new requirements are identified. Student information system contacts are also notified via e-mail when updates are made to the Web pages.


The Student Records Collection will require a non-identifiable snapshot of each students record within a school to be submitted three times a year as follows:


  1. September 15, 2003 This submission will reflect students records at the end of the 2002-2003 school year. It will replace the Report of Graduates, the Report of Dropouts, and the majority of the Annual School Report Statistical Section.


  1. October 15, 2003 This submission will reflect students records as of October 1, 2003. It will replace the 2003 Fall Membership Report and will include the 2002-2003 dropouts who returned to school by October 1, 2003.


  1. April 15, 2004 This submission will reflect students records as of March 31, 2004. It will be used to calculate some ADM statistics and to report the ADA percentage for NCLB.


The Department of Education will no longer provide Excel input documents for this collection of data. Instead, we will accept a tab-delimited file at the designated times throughout the school year. The same record layout is required for all three collections. Applicable data elements will be mandatory for each specific data collection.


We appreciate the assistance and support of school division personnel who have worked with us and provided helpful input into the development of the data requirements for the collection.


Questions relating to the Student Records Collection should be directed to Data Administration at or (804) 225-2099.