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May 2, 2003



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Mathematics 2001 Standards of Learning Test Blueprints


As you are aware, beginning in fall 2003 the Standards of Learning tests will assess the 2001 Mathematics Standards of Learning. In preparation for these new assessments, mathematics test blueprints have been developed. All revised mathematics blueprints will be effective with the administration of the 2003-2004 Mathematics Standards of Learning tests, starting with the fall 2003 test. These revised mathematics blueprints may be accessed and downloaded from

The Standards of Learning test blueprints serve a number of purposes. One, they serve as a guide to test developers for writing test items and constructing test forms. Two, they serve as a guide to educators, parents, and students in that they show (a) the Standards of Learning covered by the test and which standards, if any, have been excluded; (b) which Standards of Learning are assigned to each reporting category; (c) the number of test items in each reporting category and on the total test; (d) general information about how the test questions are constructed; and (e) the materials that students are allowed to use while taking the test.

The 2001 Mathematics Standards of Learning contain two changes that affect the blueprints and, therefore, the tests. One change is in Geometry and the other change is in Algebra II.


        Geometry - The 1995 Standard of Learning G.15 (vectors) has been deleted from the 2001 standards and will no longer be assessed. Consequently, the 1995 reporting category Coordinate Relations, Transformations, and Vectors has been revised in the new blueprints to Coordinate Relations and Transformations. The number of items in this reporting category has not changed.


        Algebra II - The 1997 Algebra II blueprint contained a reporting category Statistical Analysis. The 1995 Standard of Learning AII.19 (. . .collect and analyze data to make predictions, write equations, and solve practical problems . . .) was the only standard in this reporting category. In the revised blueprint, the reporting category Statistical Analysis has been deleted and Standard of Learning AII.19 has been moved to reporting category Relations and Functions.


For the 2003-04 and 2004-05 Algebra II tests, the five test questions assigned to the reporting category Statistical Analysis and based on Standard of Learning AII.19 will remain on the test so that the content of the total test will not be changed.

Beginning with the 2005-06 tests, the number of items in each reporting category on the Algebra II test will be realigned. The number of items per reporting category will be described in detail in a future memorandum.


Each division director of testing will receive notification of the blueprints in a similar memo.

If you have any questions regarding the blueprints for the Mathematics Standards of Learning tests, please contact Marcia Perry ( in the Division of Assessment and Reporting at

(804) 786-1390. If you have questions regarding the Mathematics Standards of Learning, please contact Deborah Lyman ( in the Division of Secondary Instruction at (804) 786-6418.