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May 9, 2003



Division Superintendents



Jo Lynne DeMary

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2003-2009


At its April 29, 2003, meeting the Virginia Board of Education approved the Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2003-2009.


The plan is the culmination of research, planning, and collaboration with Virginia educational technology stakeholders. The Virginia Educational Technology Advisory Committee (VETAC) and groups representing school division technology directors, school and division administrators, K-12 teachers, higher education officials, representatives from professional organizations, and members of the business community assisted in developing the plan.


The Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2003-2009 provides strategic direction for use of educational technology in schools and classrooms and serves as a blueprint for school divisions as local technology plans are created. This plan is intended to capitalize on major advances resulting from two previous plans and through its implementation ensure that students are technologically literate and able to use technology tools to enhance and improve learning. The plan is designed to provide a framework that allows for local differences in direction, scope, and timing of implementation activities and the emergence of new technologies.


The Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2003-2009 emphasizes the integration of technology into instruction. Use of technological tools by teachers in classrooms will motivate and engage students, enliven instruction, extend learning beyond the school, and assist with increases in student achievement. The plan provides a structure for the development of other components of an effective technology program: professional development, connectivity, and educational applications and accountability. It is a strategic plan with measurable objectives or targets. The plan will be reviewed, progress will be assessed, and it will be updated every two years.


As school divisions align local technology plans with this new state technology plan, all of Virginias educators will have the opportunity to benefit from technologies that enhance the teaching and learning process.


The plan is posted on the Department of Education website at Bound copies will be produced at a later date and provided to division superintendents and technology directors.


Questions about the Educational Technology Plan for Virginia: 2003-2009 may be directed to Gloria Barber, director of educational technology at (804) 225-4429 or by e-mail (