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January 12, 2006



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Patricia Wright

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va-Lead: The School Leaders Catalog: Resources for Leadership


Beginning January 12, Virginia school leaders will have online access to the School Leaders Catalog: Resources for Leadership, or va-Lead. This online catalog offers more than 130 professional development programs keyed to the Virginia Uniform Performance Standards and Evaluation Criteria for Teachers, Administrators, and Superintendents. Educators can find va-Lead at


va-Lead is designed to assist practicing school leaders to attain the Virginia performance standards. The catalog lists a variety of Virginia programs which address individual needs, school-site needs, and division-wide needs. Administrators will find programs to recommend to their staffs and faculties, programs geared to specific topics, local and state requirements, and varied groups. Programs range from those suitable for faculty meeting presentations to ongoing mentoring and coaching for individuals and groups. Contact information is presented in the catalog, and financial arrangements are to be made between the school leaders and the professional development providers.


The catalog is located at e-Lead, a project housed at the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL) in Washington, DC. e-Lead is a partnership of IEL and the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University. IEL is led by president Elizabeth Hale; director Baylen Linnekin is responsible for the development and maintenance of e-Lead.


Development of the Virginia catalog is funded by The Wallace Foundation through the Virginia State Action for Education Leadership Project (SAELP). Virginias participation in SAELP originated with the leadership of Dr. Jo Lynne DeMary, recently retired Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr., executive director of the Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute (CEPI) at Virginia Commonwealth University.


va-Lead is the first state directory of leadership development programs to be featured on e-Lead, and IEL hopes to add catalogs for the other 49 states. The partnership with IEL not only strengthens the attainment of the Virginia performance standards, but also provides national marketing for Virginia providers and a signal achievement for Virginia SAELP.


The development of the catalog was guided by a committee including William C. Bosher, Ken Magill, Sarah Hopkins Finley, Marcus Newsome, David Blackburn, Judy Singleton, Olivia Dabney, Cheryl Lockwood, Diane Barker, Doug Fiore, John Hodge, Thelma Spencer, David Blount, and Anne Meek with input from Delegate Phillip Hamilton and Linda Wallinger of the Department of Education. Staff assistance was provided by Dan Norman and Kathy Harris of CEPI. va-Lead will be field-tested for 12 months, with the report scheduled for February 2007. Virginia SAELP, funded entirely by The Wallace Foundation, is expected to be completed by July 1, 2007.