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March 31, 2006



Division Superintendents



Patricia I. Wright

Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction



Approval of the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment(VCLA)Cut Scores


On March 22, 2006, the Board of Education approved initial cut scores for the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA). The board approved a score of 235 for the reading subtest, a score of 235 for the writing subtest, or a composite score of 470 for the assessment. Individuals may meet the VCLA assessment requirement by achieving the scores established by the Board of Education for each of the two VCLA subtests--reading and writing--or by achieving the established composite score. The cut scores are effective immediately and will apply retroactively to all VCLA examinations taken since January 2006.


The Board of Education approved the cut scores recommended by the Advisory Board on Teacher Education and Licensure (ABTEL). ABTEL also recommended that the cut scores be

re-examined and, if necessary, adjusted in 2008, using two full years of VCLA test data; however, the Board of Education requested to review the test data in one year. The advisory board based its recommendation on results of the validation and standard-setting studies, data collected from the first test administration on January 7, 2006, and the need for possible adjustments based on measurement error. Copies of the VCLA Validation and Standard Setting Report, prepared by the National Evaluation Systems, Inc. (NES), are available from the Division of Teacher Education, Licensure, and Professional Practice, Virginia Department of Education.


On June 22, 2005, the Board of Education approved the recommendation of The Special Committee of the Board of Education to Study and Make Recommendations Relative to Teacher Licensure Assessment and prescribed the following professional teachers examinations for initial licensure in Virginia: (1) communication and literacy examination (VCLA); (2) Praxis II (content assessment); and (3) if applicable, the Virginia Reading Assessment. An award was granted to National Evaluation Systems, Inc., to develop the Virginia Communications and Literacy Assessment.


The VCLA is administered six times each year at varying locations throughout Virginia. The 2006 VCLA Registration Bulletin provides general information about the VCLA and directions for both online and telephone registration. Electronic copies of the bulletin may be obtained in PDF format, free of charge, on the VCLA website:


For additional information regarding the VCLA, please contact Dr. Thomas A. Elliott, assistant superintendent for teacher education, licensure, and professional practice,, (804) 371-2522; Mrs. Patty S. Pitts, director of licensure, ,(804)371-2471; or Dr. James Lanham, senior licensure specialist,, (804)371-2471.