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June 2, 2006




Division Superintendents



Patricia I. Wright

Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction



General Adult Education Application for 2006-2007



Pending approval by the 2006 General Assembly, the Virginia Department of Education will make state funds available for the reimbursement of expenditures made by school divisions for local General Adult Education (GAE) programs in the fiscal year 2006-2007. Reimbursement will be based on the total 2006-2007 cost of the local GAE programs and the total available funds. As permitted by the state appropriation act, the reimbursement will be based on a fixed-cost per class.


Classes eligible for reimbursement for the fiscal year 2006-2007 include adult high school classes for credit, regular General Educational Development (GED) preparatory classes, and adult secondary classes for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). These funds may not be used for non-credit career and technical education programs. School divisions are encouraged to use these funds to support the Race to GED program.


Records on adult learners served with these funds must be entered into the Adult Education Web-based Data System. Demographic information, attendance hours, pre-testing assessment scores, and goals must be entered for all General Adult Education students to ensure accurate reporting. In cases where the GAE funds are under different supervision from the adult education program, coordination of data entry with the adult education program manager is essential. 


To submit a GAE application, complete the GAE Classes and Projected Cost form. Also, as a part of your application, complete the attached budget summary form and provide a brief budget narrative describing how you will use the GAE funds.

If no program is planned, please write NO PROGRAM PLANNED on the face of the application and include the name of your division and the superintendents signature.


The application and the outline of the proposed program are to be received on or before July 3, 2006. Do not e-mail applications.


Mailing Address

Elizabeth Hawa, Director

Office of Adult Education & Literacy

Virginia Department of Education

P.O. Box 2120

Richmond, VA 23218-2120

Physical Address
Gloria Murphy
Administrative Support
Office of Adult Education & Literacy
Virginia Department of Education
21st Floor, James Monroe Building
101 North 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23219


If you have questions or need additional program information, please contact Dr. Mike Nusbaum, adult secondary specialist, Office of Adult Education and Literacy, by

e-mail at, or by telephone at (804) 786-7644. Regarding fiscal questions, contact Ms. Cynthia Delinocci, grants manager, Office of Adult Education and Literacy, by e-mail at, or by telephone at (804) 225-2850.