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September 1, 2006



Division Superintendents



Billy K. Cannaday, Jr.

Superintendent of Public Instruction



Virginia Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute - Cycle II


The purpose of this memo is to announce that the Virginia Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute is accepting applications from school and division teams interested in improving student success through coordinated school health. The Virginia Coordinated School Health Leadership Institute is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, the Virginia Department of Health, the American Cancer Society and the Virginia Comprehensive Health Education Training and Resource Center at Longwood University. The Coordinated School Health Model is designed to assist schools in addressing health-related issues that affect learning. The model consists of eight components that encompass all aspects of school-community life: health education, health services, school environment, school nutrition, parent and community groups, mental health services, staff wellness, and physical activity. The Leadership Institute has been shown to contribute to student achievement and school success by helping participants develop personal and professional leadership competencies in 1) strengthening school health programs, 2) creating a strong school health team, and 3) effectively supporting a coordinated approach to school health.


The initial meeting of the Leadership Institute will be held November 15-16, 2006, with conference calls and summer workshops to follow in the two-year cycle of the program. Each division may nominate two to six outstanding school professionals to become potential Virginia Coordinated School Health Fellows. A total of thirty culturally and linguistically diverse candidates will be selected to participate in this statewide initiative.


By nominating candidates, the school division agrees to: 1) allow the candidates to attend the two-year Leadership Institute that will include annual fall and summer sessions with most expenses paid by the sponsoring organizations;

2) support the candidates in designing and implementing a local school health initiative during the two years of the Institute; 3) allow a one- to two-hour time frame during each semester for candidates to participate in a conference call learning session; and 4) support group planning time for the candidates.


Those applicants selected will work as a team during the two-year project to focus on local school health issues. Examples of projects completed in the first cycle include, but are not limited to, implementation of CPR training for school personnel and students, improvement of school breakfast programs, work on local wellness policies and anti-bullying efforts. Past participants learned how to work with their schools and school divisions to promote positive systemic change.


The deadline for nominations is October 2, 2006. Applications for the Institute are attached or may be requested from Caroline Fuller at (804) 225-2431 or