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June 10, 2003






Patricia I. Wright

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction



Project Graduation Distance Learning Scholarships


The Governor of Virginia is pleased to announce the statewide availability of online summer school courses for Virginia students and scholarships for Virginia public school students enrolling in English 10 and 11 online courses. This opportunity is offered in partnership with Prince William and York Counties to provide locally-developed online distance learning courses statewide this summer.


Online courses allow students to engage in coursework anytime during the day or night; however, students should complete lessons within several days of their classmates. Students must have a connection to the Internet and may participate in online classes at school, the library, or at home. Minimum technical and other requirements for participation in online courses apply. School administrators should consult the Prince William and York County Public Schools websites to ensure online courses are suitable for prospective students.


Schools with students enrolled in online courses must designate a contact person who will be available to students during the course. The contact person must participate in an orientation session with Prince William or York County Public Schools. The orientation session may be done via the Internet. Grades will be reported numerically to the school contact person.


Tuition is $525 per student per course. Examples of available courses include: English 10, 11, 12; Algebra I, II; Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry; World History and U.S. History.



School administrators may register students directly with Prince William at: and York at: The deadline for registration is June 27 for Prince William County courses and June 16 for York County courses.


Summer School Scholarships

As a pilot of Project Graduation, certain public school students may receive tuition scholarships for online English 10 or 11 courses. To be eligible for a scholarship the following criteria must be met:

              The student is a rising senior,

              The student failed the course and the high

school English/reading or English/writing Standards of Learning assessment, and

              The course is not readily available for summer school enrollment through the local school division. (Students who meet the above two criteria only may still apply for scholarship consideration.)


The Department of Education will pay full tuition for scholarship students to Prince William and York Counties. The attached Scholarship Application Form must be faxed to the Department of Education for consideration. Scholarship students and the school-contact person will be required to participate in an evaluation of this summers online courses, which will include reporting SOL assessment results to the Department of Education. We anticipate awarding tuition scholarships to 12 students from each Superintendents Regional Study Group. Scholarship award notifications will be made before classes start.


Questions regarding online courses should be directed to Greg Weisiger, associate director, Teleproduction Services at (804) 692-0335.