Principals' Memo #1011-10

Department of Education

July 13, 2010

TO: Principals

FROM: Linda M. Wallinger, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

SUBJECT: National Geographic FieldScope

The Chesapeake Bay Commission is pleased to introduce National Geographic FieldScope as a resource for schools as they implement Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEE) in their classrooms.  National Geographic has developed this top-of-the-line interactive learning tool and will provide it at no charge to enhance student learning experiences by connecting class work to deeper understandings about the Bay and its watershed. 

National Geographic FieldScope is an intuitive Web-based application that allows students to combine their own water quality data with data collected by scientists and other students in order to analyze trends over months and years.  For teachers, this software integrates technology into their classrooms and provides the opportunity to conduct meaningful programs that build year after year.  In a typical project, students collect data in the field, including quantitative measurements, field notes, photos, and video. They then use FieldScope to share and analyze their data to understand and protect the resources they are studying.  The FieldScope software supplied by National Geographic actively links students’ MWEE experiences to science and geography Standards of Learning (SOL) applications.

For more information about FieldScope and its educational uses and to learn about free online trainings, please visit the Web site at, or contact Kathleen Schwille by telephone at (202) 828-6607 or by e-mail at