Principals' Memo #1023-11

Department of Education

August 23, 2011

TO: Principals

FROM: Linda M. Wallinger, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

SUBJECT: Adventure To Fitness Physical Activity Resource for Elementary Classroom Teachers

The Adventure to Fitness physical activity resource provides age-appropriate, co-curricular programming streamed directly into classrooms using computers, interactive whiteboards, projectors, monitors, or closed system technology. When children embark on adventures, the classroom walls come alive, and students become totally immersed in their mission; from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to venturing deep inside a rumbling volcano in Yellowstone National Park. Students of all abilities can actively engage from beginning to end. Weekly adventures enter the classroom via existing Web-based technology.

Each adventure provides 30 minutes of high-quality, story packed, moderate to vigorous activity while aligning to Virginia Standards of Learning for health, English, mathematics, science, and history and social science. The Adventure to Fitness resource also allows schools to track and report real-time classroom physical activity down to the second. With this reporting feature, schools can share with parents how active students are each week. For a quick overview of Adventure to Fitness, please go to: Teachers can register for this free resource by going to

The Adventure to Fitness program is funded by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Founded in 2005 by the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, the goal of the Alliance is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity by 2015, and to empower kids nationwide to make healthy choices.

If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact James Taylor, executive director, Adventure To Fitness, by e-mail at or by telephone at (888) 406-7779; or Vanessa Wigand, principal specialist for health, physical, and driver education, Office of Standards, Curriculum, and Instruction, by e-mail at or by telephone at (804) 225-3300.