Principals' Memo #1009-13

Department of Education

July 16, 2013

TO:  Principals

FROM:  Linda M. Wallinger, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

SUBJECT:  Transformative Classroom Management (TCM) Online Tool for Professional Development and School Improvement

The Virginia Department of Education’s Office of School Improvement (OSI) is pleased to announce the availability of a new online tool, Transformative Classroom Management (TCM), to help teachers create positive conditions for teaching and learning.

Transformative Classroom Management is an approach to management and discipline that focuses on achieving long-term meaningful results by offering suggestions for creating optimal conditions for learning, motivation, achievement, and growth.  Research indicates that student achievement is greater in classes when teachers use TCM.

The OSI collaborated with Dr. John Shindler, a professor at California State University Los Angeles and a consultant to schools around the country, to provide a series of twelve recorded training sessions for the purpose of professional development and school improvement in the areas of classroom management and school climate.  The content for the TCM series is based on the publication, Transformative Classroom Management, written and copyrighted by Dr. Shindler in 2009.

The TCM series, twelve sequential recorded sessions that include a video recording, the sessions’ PowerPoint slides, and a guide, will help teachers to intentionally and effectively create positive conditions for teaching and learning.  Also, most of the sessions include shorter recorded video clips of skills in practice.

School division administrators, building administrators, school improvement teams, grade-level or content area teams, individual teachers, and other stakeholders in the school improvement process may use the TCM series as a means of professional development.  School improvement teams may incorporate in their plans the use of the TCM series for capacity building. Facilitators may choose to work with small or large groups; individual teachers may work independently; or the series may be used as a coaching tool.

The series is available free online at the following link:  

The Virginia Department of Education is interested in how schools and/or divisions use the tool and results they experience.  If you have questions regarding the series or if you would like to share comments regarding it, please contact Jo Ann Burkholder, student assistance systems coordinator, Office of Student Services, at (804)371-7586 or by e-mail to