P. O. BOX 2120
February 9, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Textbook Adoption

  The Department of Education is initiating the 1996 statewide
  evaluation process for 9-12 English and K-12 history and
  social science textbooks.  All textbooks submitted for
  evaluation will be placed on the state contracted list.  The
  Department of Education will not publish a recommended list
  of textbooks.  School divisions will be encouraged to select
  textbooks showing a high degree of correlation to the
  revised Standards of Learning.  By September 1996, local
  superintendents should receive a list of textbooks submitted
  for evaluation and textbook coordinators should receive
  detailed evaluation profiles on each book or series
  specifying the degree of correlation to the revised
  Standards of Learning.
  We appreciate your previous support with science and K-5
  English.  We ask that you assist us again by nominating
  evaluators for textbooks that support the teaching and
  learning of 9-12 English and K-12 history and social
  science.  A separate form is enclosed for you to make
  recommendations for evaluation committees from the personnel
  in your division to include classroom teachers,
  administrators, and supervisors.  Space is provided for
  recommendations for persons representing several special
  populations which the Board of Education wishes to include
  on evaluation committees.  We would appreciate your
  responding accordingly by March 1, 1996.
  To assure the selection of evaluators who wish to serve, we
  request that you duplicate and distribute the response form
  enclosed (Attachment II) to each recommended evaluator.  We
  will select statewide committee members from response forms
  which have been returned to the Department of Education by
  persons who are willing to serve as textbook evaluators. 
  Superintendents will be notified regarding final selections
  for committee memberships. 
  Februray 9, 1996
  Page 2
  Textbooks will be mailed to evaluators on June 1, 1996. 
  Evaluators will examine textbooks at home sites.  The
  Department of Education will convene a three-day evaluation
  workshop on July 9 - 11, 1996, in Richmond, where evaluators
  will screen textbooks to validate correlations to the
  revised Standards of Learning.
  All travel, lodging, and food expenses for evaluators will
  be paid by the Department of Education.  In addition, a
  contract fee of $200.00 will be paid to evaluators who are
  not under contract to school divisions in July.
  Your help and cooperation will be appreciated in this
  important task.  Personnel trained to evaluate textbooks
  will be of assistance with the adoption process at the local
  If additional information is needed, please contact Jane
  Koontz at (804) 225-3129 or VA.PEN at
  or fax at (804)371-2455.
  Attachments: This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the Superintendent's office.