P. O. BOX 2120
April 5, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Reporting of Physical Fitness Test Ratings

  We need your assistance with the administration and
  collection of the physical fitness test data for the 1995-96
  school year.  The physical fitness testing program is to be
  administered in grades 4-10 and is optional for students in
  grades 11-12.  Several benefits may be derived from the
  ratings.  The ratings are important in assessing the
  physical development of each student.  Ratings give health
  and physical education teachers information which should be
  useful in planning for the instructional needs of students. 
  The ratings also provide information which can be
  communicated to parents about the physical fitness of their
  children.  Further, the data are reported in the Outcome
  Accountability Project (OAP) school and division reports.
  These data are to be collected at the school level during
  the month of May.  This year we have enclosed a customized
  data collection form for each school in your division on
  which the physical fitness data is to be recorded.  In
  addition, we have included detailed instructions on how to
  complete these forms.  To lessen the data collection burden
  at the local level, we are not asking localities to submit a
  division report; rather, the division data will be
  aggregated from the individual school reports within the
  A key factor in the data collection process is the
  designation of a central office staff person who will be
  responsible for distributing and collecting the forms from
  your schools, forwarding them to the Department, and serving
  as liaison between your schools and the Department.  All
  inquiries by Department staff regarding data will be made
  with the contact person.  The Physical Fitness Ratings Data
  Collection Transmittal Form contains the name, address,
  telephone and fax number for the contact person named in
  1995.  This information should be updated as necessary. The
  transmittal form also lists the schools in your division
  where the physical fitness data will be collected.  The
  contact person should complete this form and return it to
  the Department together with the original school data
  collection forms.  All school data collection forms should
  be submitted in one mailing.
  SUPTS. MEMO. NO.  14  
  April 5, 1996
  The data collection forms should be completed and
  returned by June 14, 1996 to:
               Sandra K. Dofflemyer
               Principal Specialist
               Health and Physical Education
               Department of Education
               P. O. Box 2120
               Richmond, VA  23218-2120
  Your cooperation in completing these data collection
  forms and your commitment to accuracy are greatly
  appreciated.  If you need additional information, please
  contact Sandra Dofflemyer at (804) 225-2898.   
  Enclosures:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office.