P. O. BOX 2120
June 14, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr,
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: School Administration Data Collection

  The School Administration data collection includes reporting
  forms, instructions and timeline for updating the following
  information for school year 1996-97: 
     I.   School Administration (School ID) 
     II.  Division Superintendent
     III. Designated Contacts
     IV.  School Division Calendar
  The deadline for receipt of this data collection has not
  changed.  All forms must be received by MIS on or before
  August 1, 1996.  We will gladly accept forms prior to the
  deadline and we encourage early submission.
  A schedule of events for the School Administration
  information collection is attached.  An explanation for the
  update of each school administration report form is also
  Use the following address or fax number to ensure timely
  delivery of the data for your division:
                          Mike Baker
             Coordinator of School Administration
          Division of Management Information Systems
               Virginia Department of Education
                        P. O. Box 2120
                 Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120
                     FAX:  (804) 371-8978              
  For additional information or assistance, contact Mike Baker
  or Mona Mallory at (804) 225-2099.
  Attachments: This memo and its attachments will be sent to
               the superintendent's office
                  Schedule of Events for the
            School Administration Data Collection
    Date   Event
    6/14   Reporting forms and instructions
           mailed to divisions.
           I.      School Administration
                   Information Update

           II.     Division Superintendent
                   Information Update

           III.    Contact Information Update

           IV.     Request for School Calendar
    8/1    Deadline for Reports (All forms and
           calendars must be received by MIS
           on or before this day).
    8/2    Late notices faxed to Division
           Superintendents whose forms were
           not received by deadline.
    8/8    Late calls to Division
           Superintendents on status of
           delinquent reports.
    9/3    School
           Administration/Superintendent/Contact information for school year
           1996-97 available to divisions.
  I.  School Administration Information Update
      A copy of the School Administration Information form (Form
      SA.101) for each of the schools in your division is included
      in this package.  The purpose of this form is to establish the
      status of schools within each school division for the 1996-97
      school year.  The accuracy of the school administration
      identification information is extremely important.  Most
      department reports reference this critical information.  You
      must return a form for each school to the Department on or
      before August 1, 1996.
      Form SA.101 is a two-page pre-printed form that contains the
      Department of Education's current school administration
      information.  Changes must be made in the following manner:
    A.   All changes/corrections to the bold, pre-printed
         information in lines 1-21 must be made on the blank
         lines next to the corresponding line item number.
    B.   If changes are not necessary, note "No Change" on
         the blank line for item 1. 
  Blank forms have been included.  Use these forms to report the
  status of any school administration for which there is no pre-printed 
  form.  Detailed instructions for completing the forms are enclosed.
  II.   Division Superintendent Information Update
        Form SA.101A provides the opportunity to update data on the
        Division Superintendent, and is pre-printed at the top of the
        form with the education agency name and number, the name,
        mailing address, street address, and telephone number of the
        division superintendent as they currently appear in our files. 
        If any item is incorrect, type the correct information in the
        "Change To" section provided.  Note that a fax number for the
        superintendent's office is requested on this form.
  III.  Education Agency Designated Contacts
        Form SA.099 requests updated contact information for the next
        reporting cycle for the Annual School Report, Dropout Report,
        Graduate Report, Fall Membership Report, and School
        Administration Identification.
        Contact person information (name, telephone number, fax
        number, VA.PEN address, and mailing address) for each of the
        data collections is pre-printed in bold type.  Changes must be
        made in the following manner:
    A.  Applicable changes/corrections to the bold, pre-printed information
        must be reported on the blank lines next to the corresponding line 
        number (1-5).
    B.  If changes are not necessary for a particular data
        collection, note "No Change" on the blank line by
        item 1.
    C.  Unless the same contact is reported for all
        collections, indicate a contact name for each
        collection.  If the contact is the same for all
        collections, write "Same as Above" on line 1 for
        each collection.  If contact information, such as
        address and phone number are the same, write "Same
        as Above" where appropriate.  Note, however, that
        each contact should have a different VA.PEN
  IV.   School Division Calendar
        Send us a copy of your division's calendar for the 1996-97
        school year.  This will help us answer questions from the
        General Assembly and others throughout the school year.