P. O. BOX 2120
March 1, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Emerging Literacy Workshops

  The Department of Education is pleased to announce three (3)
  regional workshops for supervisors, principals, teachers,
  and paraprofessionals who work with public school preschool
  and kindergarten programs.  The workshops will focus on the
  conditions for literacy and ways in which early childhood
  teachers can ensure these conditions are appropriately
  presented in their classrooms.  
  Extensive research has repeatedly identified the following
  conditions as essential for early literacy development: 
  phonemic awareness, knowledge of letter-sound associations
  (phonics), and a rich print context/environment.  Workshop
  presenters will share strategies to incorporate the sounds
  of language, rhyming words, vocabulary development, and
  phonics within rich print and oral language contexts. 
  Kindergarten teachers should note that these conditions are
  reflected in the English Standards of Learning for
  Workshop participants will select from several concurrent
  sessions, including Feature Presentations of successful
  practices by fellow educators and Showcase Presentations of
  instructional programs, new technology-based programs, and
  other materials to support early literacy.
  There is no registration fee; however, priority will be
  given to those serving preschool programs with kindergarten
  educators being accepted as space is available.  Lunch and
  refreshments will be provided at no cost to participants and
  certificates for recertification will be distributed at the
  close of the workshop.  The workshops are scheduled from
  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the following Saturdays:
 Supts. Memo. No.   44  
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 March 1, 1996

  March 30, 1996         Rockingham County      Turner Ashby High School 
  April 27, 1996         Norfolk                Berkley/Campostella 
                                                Early Childhood Center
  May 4, 1996            Wythe County           Spiller Primary School
  Registration materials will be sent to persons in your
  school division who have primary responsibility for the
  preschool programs and to each elementary school. 
  Registration forms should be completed and returned to Ms.
  Pat Lankford (see the address on the registration form) by
  the appropriate deadline.  For additional information you
  may contact Jenna Clayton at 804/786-2102 or Kitty Rodgers
  at 804/225-2662. 
  Enclosure:   A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
               will be sent to the superintendent's office

  Attachment:  Supts. Memo. No.   44  

                        EMERGING LITERACY WORKSHOP
                             REGISTRATION FORM

School Name and Address                                                     
School Phone No.                                    FAX                    
Home Phone No.                                                             
I wish to attend:                                 Registration Deadline

               March 30, 1996      Rockingham County   March 19, 1996
               April 27, 1996      Norfolk             April 12, 1996
               May 4, 1996         Wythe County        April 19, 1996

Program with which I work:              My position within this program is:

               Virginia Preschool Initiative            Teacher
               Early Childhood Special Education        Paraprofessional/Assistant
               Title 1                                  Principal     
               Even Start                               Supervisor/Administrator
               School Division Head Start               Other              
               Occupational Child Care
               Family Literacy/Adult Education
               School Division Migrant Program    Special accommodations needed:
                                                   Vegetarian meal
                                                   Auditory assistance

     An agenda and directions will be sent with your confirmation letter. 
Please notify us of cancellations and/or substitutions as soon as possible. 
A waiting list will be maintained to fill cancellations.  For information
on space available after the registration deadline, please call Pat
Lankford at (804) 225-3488.

                         MAIL OR FAX THIS FORM TO:
                             Ms. Pat Lankford
              Office of Elementary/Middle School Instruction
                     Virginia Department of Education
                                PO Box 2120
                         Richmond, VA  23218-2120 
                            FAX: (804) 786-1703