P. O. BOX 2120
March 29, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Standards of Learning Curriculum Share Fairs

  The Department of Education will host several SOL Share
  Fairs designed to provide opportunities for educators from
  every Virginia school division to participate in curriculum
  development/alignment seminars and to network with others
  who are involved in aligning curriculum to the revised
  Standards of Learning.  The four SOL Share Fairs will
  accommodate teams of participants from each school division
  in two adjoining Superintendents' Study Group regions.  The
  Share Fairs are scheduled as follows:
     Regions II and III  Monday, May 20      William and Mary
     Regions I and VIII  Tuesday, May 21     Longwood
     Regions VI and VII  Wednesday, May 29   Virginia Tech
     Regions IV and V    Thursday, May 30    Ingleside, Staunton
  Several Key Instructional Leaders in every region, as well
  as the Department of Education regional representatives,
  will collaborate with a Department of Education team in
  planning the Share Fair program for each site.  Each SOL
  Share Fair will include:
     -    sessions led by Department of Education staff
          related to curriculum issues in each of the four,
          core SOL subject areas;
     -    sessions led by selected school divisions which
          have completed the alignment of their curriculum
          to the revised SOLs.  They will model both the
          alignment/development process and the curriculum
     -    a "job-alike" lunch to facilitate networking and
          collaboration; and
     -    networking sessions consisting of special topics
          and curriculum initiatives in your region.
  SUPTS. MEMO. NO.  70  
  March 29, 1996
  Specific information regarding registration and the Share
  Fair program agenda will be sent to the Key Instructional
  contact person in your school division by mid April.  Your
  support and participation will ensure that the Share Fairs
  will provide a significant source of information and
  technical assistance to school divisions in their curriculum
  alignment efforts.
  We are pleased to be able to provide each school division
  with the option of sending a maximum of eight staff members
  to their regional Share Fair.  Participants who would
  benefit most from the Share Fair sessions would be your
  staff who will contribute to division level curriculum
  development/alignment committees.
  If you need additional information or have questions, please
  contact James Heywood, Director of Elementary and Middle
  School Instructional Services at (804) 225-2865.
  c: Key Instructional Leader Contact
     This memo and its attachment will be sent to the
     superintendent's office.

                          Registration Memo
     The SOL Share Fair for Superintendents' Study Group
  Regions ____________________ and _______________ will be
  held on ______________________ , May ____________ , 1996,
  from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at                           .
  You are invited to send a team of ______________ persons to
  represent your division.  Team members should include
  curriculum leaders across subject areas and grade levels as
  well as Key Instructional Leaders.
     Suggestions from every Superintendents' Study Group
  across Virginia helped shape the Share Fair program.  The
  program is designed to provide each division team
  information related to:  the impact of the Standards of
  Learning on Standards of Accreditation and other areas of
  instruction; subject-specific considerations related to
  curriculum alignment; examples of the curriculum alignment
  process used by selected divisions; a job-alike lunch; and,
  an opportunity for the divisions in Regions ______________
  _______ and _________________________ to network and share
  with one another current curriculum revision initiatives.
     Please complete the enclosed registration form and send
  it to _________________________ by ______________________.
     If you are willing to share your division's curriculum
  alignment efforts via a 30-minute informal roundtable
  discussion, please indicate your interest on the
  registration form.  A member of the Share Fair Planning
  Committee will contact you immediately.  Please call _________
  ___________________ at (   ) _______________ if you have
  any questions about the Share Fair program or your
  participation in the roundtable sessions.  We look forward
  to seeing you in _________________________________.