P. O. BOX 2120
May 17, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Superintendent's Advisory Council

  The Superintendent's Advisory Council meets monthly.  It is
  composed of the chairmen of the eight regional study groups,
  plus the VASS officers and executive director, the executive
  director of the VSBA, and a representative of the Virginia
  Council for Private Education.  We will distribute the
  minutes of each monthly meeting by means of a
  Superintendent's Memorandum.
  The minutes of the meeting of May 10, 1996, are attached. 
  If you have questions regarding this information, please
  contact Ken Magill at (804) 225-2073.
  Thank you.
  Attachment:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office
                     Friday, May 10, 1996
                      Richmond, Virginia
  Present:     Superintendent's Group - Germaine S. Fauntleroy,
               S. Dawn Goldstine, Jane Massey-Wilson, David M.
               Gangel, Raymond C. Dingledine, III, Martin
               Loughlin (for N. Wayne Tripp), Oliver A. McBride,
               James G. Blevins, Arthur W. Gosling, James M.
               Anderson, Jr., Alfred R. Butler, IV, Vincent C.
               Cibbarelli, executive director, and Andy C. Stamp,
               assistant executive director, VASS, David Blount,
               governmental relations office, Virginia School
               Boards Association, and George J. McVey,
               president, Virginia Council for Private Education.
               Department of Education - William C. Bosher, Jr.,
               M. Kenneth Magill, Dewey T. Oakley, Doris
               Redfield, Ida J. Hill, Catherine L. Clark, Jo
               Lynne DeMary, Lin Corbin-Howerton, Patty S. Pitts,
               and Harry L. Smith
     Dr. Bosher opened the meeting by presenting framed
  certificates to Dr. Fauntleroy, Dr. Cibbarelli, and Dr. Jim
  Graham (not present) expressing appreciation for their
  service as members of the Superintendent's Advisory Council. 
  The state superintendent also introduced Ken Tilley,
  executive director of the Virginia High School League
  (VHSL), who gave an award to Dr. Magill in appreciation for
  his work on the VHSL's executive committee and as the
  Department of Education's liaison with the league.
     Mr. Tilley reported briefly on litigation brought by
  two school divisions against the VHSL.  Mr. Tilley responded
  to questions about the litigation involving Wise County and
  Suffolk City and requested the superintendents' support for
  the school divisions to have the authority to determine high
  school sports seasons for girls.
     The Council then turned to its agenda, which included
  the following items:
     Superintendents' Issues - Dr. Bosher informed the
  Council of his decision to accept the position as
  superintendent of schools in Chesterfield County, effective
  July 1, and expressed his appreciation for the Council's
  support during his tenure as state superintendent.  In
  response to a question, Dr. Bosher said he had no idea who
  will be named to succeed him.
     Dr. Bosher also called attention to the teleconference scheduled
  for June 13 from 10:00 a.m. until noon for new
  school board members and new school division
  superintendents.  The conference is sponsored by the Board
  of Education, the Department of Education, and the Virginia
  Association of School Superintendents.  The purpose of the
  teleconference, Dr. Bosher noted, is to provide an
  opportunity for members of the Board of Education,
  Department of Education personnel, VASS representatives, and
  new local school board members and superintendents to
  discuss issues in public education and the roles of the
  various groups involved.
     Dr. Blevins asked if a school division may purchase
  computers for public schools with state funding if software
  is "free loaded" by the supplier.  Dr. Bosher explained the
  financial provisions for purchasing technology equipment,
  including state bond funds to be used to buy hardware. 
  Offhand, he said, his answer to Dr. Blevins' question was
  affirmative, but he promised to get more information for
     Turning to another matter, Dr. Bosher reported that
  President Clinton had signed legislation permitting school
  divisions to seek Goals 2000 funding directly from the
  federal government with the approval of the Board of
  Education.  He said an extension has been requested from the
  May 17 federal deadline for applying for Goals 2000 bypass
  funds.  This issue will be discussed by the Board of
  Education when it meets on May 23.
     Assessment Update - Information prepared for the
  Council meeting included data on the proposed state
  assessment to measure students' achievement in complying
  with new Standards of Learning.  Dr. Bosher pointed out that
  a Request for Proposals will be distributed soon for
  assessment materials for students in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11. 
  Several superintendents expressed concern about the eleventh
  grade barrier test which, Dr. Bosher explained, will not be
  implemented until the year 2001.  The next big issue, the
  superintendent said, is to see what results are received
  from test  publishers in response to the RFP.
     Dr. Redfield explained that the Board of Education
  favors the use of multiple choice, machine scorable tests.
     Dr. Dingledine stated that superintendents need answers
  on the assessment program, including the future of the
  Literacy Passport Test.  Dr. Bosher pointed out that the LPT
  is included in state law and any action by the Board of
  Education must coincide with legal requirements.
     Standards of Quality/Standards of Accreditation - Ms.
  Corbin-Howerton reported that the Board of Education has
  begun discussing revisions in the accreditation standards
  for public schools.  This discussion will be continued when
  the Board meets on May 23, she added.
     Information regarding the accreditation standards,
  including current considerations, was distributed to the
     Legislative Studies - Ms. Corbin-Howerton told the
  Council that final information on the recent legislative
  session will be distributed to superintendents very soon,
  probably within a week.
     ABTEL Endorsements/Teacher Licensure - Ms. Pitts
  reviewed briefly current efforts of the Advisory Board on
  Teacher Education and Licensure to reduce the number of
  teaching endorsements and make other changes in teacher
  education and licensing requirements.  In a report to go to
  the Board of Education on May 23, she said, ABTEL is
  recommending that the current 104 endorsements be reduced to
     Other Items - Ms. Corbin-Howerton reported that a
  legislative committee studying remedial summer schools wants
  to hear from superintendents regarding remedial programs for
  students during the school year.  Superintendents should get
  in touch with Ms. Corbin-Howerton.
     Dr. Bosher told the Council that the Board of Education
  had passed a resolution clarifying its intent regarding opt-out
  provisions of the recently adopted School Guidance and
  Counseling Regulations.  A copy of the resolution was
  distributed to members of the Council.
     At the conclusion of the meeting, the members of the
  Council expressed appreciation to Dr. Bosher for his
  leadership for public education and wished him success in
  his new position in Chesterfield County.
     In the absence of other business, the meeting was