P. O. BOX 2120

May 17, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 1996-97 Central Fidelity Tutors For Success Program

  This memorandum is a request for proposals to participate in
  the 1996-97 Central Fidelity Tutors For Success Program.
  Central Fidelity Banks, Inc., in partnership with the
  Department of Education, will make available $535,800, over
  three years, to establish elementary tutorial programs for
  at-risk students.  Ten schools will be selected to
  participate in this program.  Each participating school will
  receive $4,700 a year to support the program.
  The Central Fidelity Tutors For Success Program is open to
  all Virginia public elementary schools within a 25-mile
  radius of a Central Fidelity office.  There is no limit to
  the number of schools that may apply within a given
  division.  This memo will be sent to each elementary
  principal within your school division.  All schools must
  submit a continuation proposal each year to continue program
  funding.  Proposals will be judged on demonstrated need and
  Program Requirements:
     Each proposed tutorial program must meet the following
     -    serve 10-15 identified at-risk students;
     -    use alternative instructional strategies and
     -    offer the program as an extension of the school
          day or as a Saturday program;
     -    meet at least 40 times during the school year;
     -    be coordinated by a certified teacher;
     -    offer bank employees the opportunity to
          participate as volunteers;
      SUPTS. MEMO. NO.   91  
May 17, 1996
     -    offer the equivalent of one-half a school day
          of instruction per week;
     -    complete a pre- and post-assessment of each
          participating student;
     -    complete a brief two-page annual report that
          documents the progress of the program and the
     -    provide at least one designated representative
          at two one-day meetings in Richmond; and
     -    provide program services to students at no
  Proposal Requirements:
          Proposals can be no more than two pages in length
  and must answer the following questions:
     1.   Why should this site be selected to participate
          in the Central Fidelity Tutors For Success
     2.   How will this program assist at-risk students
          in the community? and
     3.   What additional resources will this site
          provide to enhance this program?
  To be accepted, each proposal must include a program budget
  and have the attached cover sheet completed and signed by the
  school division superintendent.
     -    DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Friday, July 12, 1996 
     -    Please return the proposal to: 
                         Tammy McGee
                         Central Fidelity
                         P. O. Box 27602
                         Richmond, VA 23261
     -    Selected schools will be notified by Friday,
          August 2, 1996.
  If you require additional information, please contact
  Mrs. Tammy McGee, Central Fidelity Bank, at (804) 697-7201 or
  James Heywood, Department of Education, at (804) 225-2865.
  Attachment:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office               CENTRAL FIDELITY TUTORIAL PROGRAM
                        1996-97 PROPOSAL
                     (Please type or print)
  School Division:  __________________________________________________________
  Principal:   __________________________________________________________
  School: __________________________________________________________
  Address:     __________________________________________________________
  __________________________________         Zip ______________
  Phone:  (       ) ________________________
  Grades Housed:  ______________________________
  Estimated School 1996-97 Enrollment:  ____________________
  Percent of Students Receiving Free and Reduced Lunch: 
  Ethnic Composition
  Black             Caucasian           Hispanic
  boys ____ girls ____boys ____ girls ____boys ____ girls ____
  Native American             Asian/Pacific Islander
  boys ____ girls ____        boys ____ girls____
                             Signature, Division Superintendent
     Please return the proposal to:
                         Tammy McGee
                         Central Fidelity
                         P. O. Box 27602
                         Richmond, VA 23261