P. O. BOX 2120

May 24, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: William C. Bosher, Jr.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Final Legislative Action of the 1996 General Assembly

  Now that there is final action on all of the issues that
  were before the 1996 General Assembly, this memorandum
  serves to (1) provide information on particular legislation
  of specific interest to local superintendents and school
  divisions; (2) transmit the Final Legislative Tracking
  Report; (3) provide information on the necessary follow-up
  related to studies, guidelines, and staffing; (4) identify
  issues of concern to legislators; and (5) identify selected
  legislative studies.  
  Legislative Information  Each piece of legislation of
  specific interest to local superintendents and school
  divisions is described and indexed by category for easier
  reference, included here as Attachment 1.  Note, however,
  that this memorandum does not include specific charter
  changes impacting individual school boards (These are listed
  in the Final Legislative Tracking Report, Attachment 2).
  Final Legislative Tracking Report  The  Final Legislative
  Tracking Report reflects action on education-related
  legislation (Attachment 2).
  Necessary Follow-up  Each year following the close of the
  legislative session, the Department of Education identifies
  the necessary follow-up related to studies, guidelines or
  regulations, and staffing.  The attached report lists the
  separate responsibilities of the Secretary of Education, the
  Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public
  Instruction, or the Department of Education to respond to
  the provisions of the bill or resolution (Attachment 3).  In
  some cases, the responsibility is to serve as a member of a
  Commission established to study issues of significance to
  public education; in others, it is to develop guidelines or
  regulations, to conduct a study, or to provide staff
  assistance to a legislative study group.
  We thought the enclosed material would be useful and
  informative.  The person in the Department of Education who
  is responsible for each item listed is indicated.   If you
  have questions about any 
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  May 24, 1996
  item please get in touch with the individual listed as the
  legislative contact.  The legislative contact 
  has background on the genesis of the legislation, and will
  direct you to other personnel who can provide additional
  technical information if it is needed.
  Legislator Concerns  This memorandum also serves to address
  those issues of concern to legislators which we agreed to
  bring to your attention.  House Joint Resolution 52,
  attached, expresses the sense of the General Assembly that
  in-service training programs are valuable to the
  professional development of school employees (Attachment 4). 
  Further, the Assembly expresses their commitment to the
  continued professional development of persons involved in
  public education at all levels.
  Selected Studies  We want to highlight two resolutions
  establishing Commissions addressing K-12 education.  HJR 196
  establishes the Commission on the Future of Public Education
  in Virginia to develop a strategic vision for K-12 education
  in the Commonwealth.  HJR 168 establishes the Commission on
  Accountability for Educational Excellence.  For your
  information, copies are provided as Attachment 5 [Again, the
  Final Legislative Tracking Report (Attachment 2) shows all
  resolutions, and the List of Legislative Responsibilities
  (Attachment 3) shows those that passed with staff
  Following in a few weeks will be a booklet containing the
  actual text of the bills passed by the 1996 General Assembly
  which are included on the legislative tracking report, with
  the exception of individual charter bills.  The indexing of
  that booklet should correspond to organizational indexing of
  the "Legislative Information" attachment of this memo
  (Budget amendments have been provided to you in two separate
  memoranda: Superintendent's Memorandum No. 1, Regulatory,
  dated March 12, 1996 and Superintendent's Memorandum No. 3,
  Regulatory , dated April 5, 1996). 
  I hope you find this helpful and will not hesitate to call
  for information on the various items included in this
  memorandum.  Staff in the Division of Policy and Public
  Affairs would be able to assist you.  They can be reached at
  (804) 225-2403.
  Attachments: This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office.