P. O. BOX 2120
July 26, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Correspondence Courses for Home Instruction

  Attached is an updated list of correspondence schools
  whose courses may be used to comply with Section 254.l (A),
  Option (iii) of the Code of Virginia pertaining to home
  instruction. These approvals are effective until June 30,
  l997 (Attachment A).  The list may be updated periodically. 
  It should be made available to parents or other interested
  parties upon request.
  Parents who wish to use courses offered by a school not
  appearing on the list should contact the school and request
  the appropriate official to obtain information from the
  Department of Education about requirements for including
  courses on the list, or they may submit the curriculum to
  your office for review in accordance with the requirements
  of Option (iv) of 22.l-254.1(A).
  You will note that the list identifies those schools
  accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency
  recognized by the U. S. Department of Education and sets
  restrictions on the use of courses offered by some schools.
  Of special note again this year, the Driver Education
  course offered by the University of Nebraska continues to
  satisfy Virginia's requirements for the classroom phase of
  driver education.  This is the only course approved for this
  purpose to date.
  Questions regarding correspondence courses (schools)
  should be directed to Charles W. Finley, Policy Associate,
  at (804) 225-2747 or by e-mail to
  Attachment:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office.

                    EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 1996
     Academic courses offered by the schools listed below
  have been approved for use by parents who choose Option
  (iii) of Section 22.1-254.1 of the Code of Virginia (1950),
  as amended, pertaining to home education as an alternative
  to compulsory attendance.
  A BEKA Correspondence School*
  P. O. Box 18000
  Pensacola, FL 32503
  Grade Levels: K-12
  (*Parents using the Video Program must choose
  Option 1-Credit.)
  American School (The)1,2 
  850 East 58th Street
  Chicago, IL 60637
  (312) 947-3300
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  Brigham Young University3
  Department of Independent  Study
  206 Harman Building 
  P. O. Box 21514
  Provo, UT 84602-1514
  (801) 378-2868
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  Calvert School*  4
  105 Tuscany Road
  Baltimore, MD 21210
  (410) 243-6030/6054
  Grade Levels:  K-8
  (*Parents must subscribe to the  Advisory
  Teaching Service)
  Cambridge Academy
  1111 S. W. 17th Street
  Ocala, FL 34474
  (904) 620-2717
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  Citizen's High School1
  188 College Drive
  P. O. Box 1929
  Orange Park, FL 32067
  (904) 276-1700
  Grade Levels:  High School
  Home Study International* 1
  12501 Old Columbia Pike
  P. O. Box 4437
  Silver Spring, MD 20914-4437
  (301) 680-6570
  Grade Levels:  K-12
  (* Parents must subscribe to the Partnership
  ICS Newport/Pacific High School1
  925 Oak Street
  Scranton, PA 18515
  (717) 342-7701
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  Indiana University2
  Independent Study Program
  Owen Hall 
  Bloomington, IN 47405
  (812) 855-3693
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  International Institute, Inc.*
  P. O. Box 99
  Park Ridge, IL 60068
  (312) 823-7416
  Grade Levels:  K-8
  (*Parents must subscribe to the Advisory Service)
  McGuffey Academy International
  P. O. Box 109
  Lakemont GA 30552
  (706) 782-7709
  Grade Levels: K-12
  Phoenix Special Programs2
  3132 West Clarendon Avenue
  Phoenix, AZ 85017-4589
  (602) 263-5601
  Grade Levels:  High School
  Seton Home Study School
  1350 Progress Drive
  Front Royal, VA
  (703) 636-9990 
  Grade Levels:  K-12
  Southeast Academy
  P. O. Box MM
  Ball Park Avenue
  Saltville, VA 24370
  (703) 496-7777
  Grade Levels:  1-12
  University of Arkansas2
  Division of Continuing Education
  #2 University Center
  Fayetteville, AR 72701
  (501) 575-3647
  Grade Levels:  9-12
  University of Nebraska-Lincoln* 2
  Independent Study High School
  269 Nebraska Center for
   Continuing Education
  Lincoln, NE 68583-9800
  (402) 472-4321
  Grade Levels:  High School
  (* Student must be enrolled for credit toward a
  UN-L diploma)
  University of Oklahoma2
  Independent Study Department
  1700 Asp Avenue, Room B-1
  Norman, OK 73072
  (405) 325-1921
  Grade Levels:  High School
         1 Accredited Member, Distance Education and Training
       Council(formerly the National Home Study Council)
     2 Accredited Member, North Central Association of
       Colleges and Schools
     3 Accredited Member, North West Association of Schools
       and Colleges
     4 Accredited Member, Middle States Association of
       Schools and Colleges
       Approval of correspondence courses by the
  Superintendent of Public Instruction is not an endorsement
  of the program as a substitute for public school programs
  nor is it an endorsement of the educational or operational
  philosophy of the school.  Additionally, the approval of
  courses is not intended as an endorsement of the quality of
  the courses nor is it a conclusion that they are appropriate
  to meet the educational needs of the student or the
  assessment required by Section 22.1-254.1 of the Code.
       It is manifest that parents who choose to educate their
  children at home through a correspondence course
  are directly responsible for the educational progress of
  their children and the adequacy of instruction.  The General
  Assembly has provided a mechanism to ensure that a child is
  receiving adequate instruction at home by requiring annual
  competency testing evaluation.  This testing program or
  evaluation is a measure of educational adequacy and the
  determining factor in the decision regarding the
  continuation of home study.
       The approval of the Superintendent does not guarantee
  that a school has a refund policy for uncompleted courses. 
  The Superintendent assumes no liability for damages or
  financial loss to parents using any course to meet Option
  (iii) of the home study legislation.