P. O. BOX 2120
July 26, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: August 29, 1996 Technology Forum

  Superintendents Informational Memorandum #115 dated June 14,
  1996, announced an August 1996 technology forum sponsored by
  the Division of Technology to provide information to
  technology leaders on critical issues relating to
  infrastructure. The intent of this forum is not to endorse
  service providers but to bring service providers together
  who offer the same or similar services to schools as a
  learning resource for decision making.
  Invited panelists for the August 29th forum are Computer
  Cabling and Telephone of Harrisonburg, Tech Knowledge of
  Mechanicsville, AMP Incorporated of Central and Southern
  Virginia, and a CISCO representative.
  The format for the forum is a general session from 10:00
  a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Channel 23 PBS studios in
  Chesterfield County. Following the general session, two or
  three small group sessions will provide an opportunity for
  personal consultation and interaction with panelists. The
  general session will be broadcast by all five public
  broadcast stations to afford participation by those who are
  unable to be present as studio guests. Studio guests will be
  permitted to ask questions on camera. Please indicate your
  interest by returning the attached form indicating whether
  or not you will participate in the broadcast as a studio
  guest or viewer.
  Dr. Ida Hill or Mr. Joe Aulino will respond to your
  questions at (804) 225-2757.
  Attachment:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office.
                      PARTICIPATION FORM
        DIVISION OF TECHNOLOGY FORUM (August 29, 1996)
          Central Virginia Public Broadcast Studios
                  Richmond, Virginia  23235
                  Telephone: (804) 320-1301
  Name _________________________________________________________
  School Division  _____________________________________________                                              
  Central Office    __________     School ______________________
  Studio Guest _________           Worksite Viewer   __________
  Telephone Number (_____)__________________
               Please return by August 1996 to:
                       Dr. Ida J. Hill
               Virginia Department of Education
                    Division of Technology
                        P. O. Box 2120
                Richmond, Virginia  23218-2120
                      FAX  (804) 786-5389