P. O. BOX 2120
August 2, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Superintendent's Advisory Council

  The Superintendent's Advisory Council meets regularly.  It
  is composed of the chairmen of the eight regional study
  groups, plus the VASS officers and executive director, the
  superintendent of the Department of Correctional Education,
  the executive director of the VSBA, and a representative of
  the Virginia Council for Private Education.  We will
  distribute the minutes of each  meeting by means of a
  Superintendent's Memorandum.
  The minutes of the meeting of July 22, 1996, are attached. 
  If you have questions regarding this information, please
  contact Ken Magill at (804) 225-2073.
  Thank you.
  Attachment:  This memo and its attachment will be sent to
               the superintendent's office
                    Monday, July 22, 1996
                      Richmond, Virginia
  Present:     Superintendent's Group - Oliver A. McBride, James
               G. Blevins, Jane Massey-Wilson, Deanna Gordon, S.
               Dawn Goldstine, Arthur W. Gosling, Alfred R.
               Butler, IV, executive director, VASS, Frank E.
               Barham, executive director, and David Blount,
               governmental relations officer, Virginia School
               Boards Association, James M. Anderson, Jr., George
               J. McVey, president, Virginia Council for Private
               Education, C. P. Penn, Dennis W. Kellison, and
               James L. Ruffa.
               Department of Education - Richard T. La Pointe, M.
               Kenneth Magill, Ida J. Hill, Jo Lynne DeMary,
               Thomas A. Elliott, Doris E. Redfield, and Harry L.
     Dr. La Pointe, who was appointed by Governor Allen to
  succeed Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr., effective July 1,
  welcomed members of the Advisory Council, and stated that he
  looked forward to working with them and receiving their
  guidance and counsel on issues involving public education. 
  During his comments, the superintendent referred briefly to
  a report on the results of the Virginia State Assessment
  Program and Literacy Passport Program that will be presented
  to the Board of Education on July 25.
     Dr. La Pointe also gave a summary of his career in
  public education and other fields, and emphasized his
  commitment to improving academic standards and to
  assessment, accreditation, and teacher licensing programs.
     Dr. Butler brought greetings to Dr. La Pointe from the
  VASS.  He noted the close working relationship that VASS has
  enjoyed with superintendents of public instruction, and
  invited Dr. La Pointe to attend meetings of the Regional
  Study Groups.
     Dr. Elliott presented a status report on a study being
  conducted by the Advisory Board on Teacher Education and
  Licensing to reduce the number of teaching endorsements.  He
  stated that the Advisory Board has proposed reducing
  endorsements form 104 to 47 and said further reductions may
  be possible.  He asked the Council to share the draft of the
  ABTEL report with other superintendents for their
  suggestions and comments.  Dr. Elliott asked for the
  comments by September 3 so they can be considered by the
  Advisory Board on September 16.  He said the timetable for
  action on the proposals calls for Board of Education action
  in the fall of 1997, and said the suggested date for the
  changes to become effective would be July 1, 1998.  He also
  said provisions will be made for modifications to address
  problem areas in school divisions.
     Dr. Redfield gave a brief report on results of the
  State Assessment Program and Literacy Passport Tests.  She
  said the results of the assessment tests are "flat," but the
  LPT results show improvement over last year's report.  She
  noted that the Department of Education has issued a Request
  for Proposals for the development of a new state assessment
  program.  The results of both testing programs will be
  presented to the Board of Education on July 25.
     Following some discussion of the tests, the meeting was