P. O. BOX 2120
November 15, 1996


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Educational Directory 

  Attached is your complimentary copy of the latest edition of
  the Virginia Education Directory.  The directory contains
  listings for the professional staff of the state Department
  of Education, school division central office staff.  Also
  included are individual school listings and listings of
  various education organizations and associations.
  Additional copies of this publication are available from the
  Virginia Department of Education.  Orders should be
  accompanied with a check made payable to the Virginia
  Department of Education for the amount of the order.  The
  printing and mailing cost of each directory is $10.00. 
  Computer diskettes are $3.00 each.
  This document was generated from the Virginia Department of
  Education's Internet website.  You may print the document
  directly from the website, or download the complete
  directory files for local printing and duplication. The site
  is accessible for public use at, which, in addition to the
  directory, contains other department documents and data,
  information on department services and programs, and
  curricular resources and activities.
  The contents of the directory are based upon the most recent
  information the department has on file.  If any of the
  information for your school division has changed, or if
  there are additional personnel you would like to have
  included, please E-mail the changes to:, and they will be made on our website
  and will be reflected in future printings of the directory
  as stocks are replenished.  Additionally, we ask that you E-mail
  personnel changes and reassignments as they occur
  throughout the year.  In this way we intend to keep the
  directory continually updated.
  We also have included with this publication a computer
  diskette with the entire contents of the directory in ASCII
  text files.  The diskette is formatted for DOS and Windows
  operating systems, but should be readable as well with most
  Macintosh computers.  The diskette may be duplicated as
  The attached form is provided for your convenience.  Send
  order to the Office  of Production Services, Virginia
  Department of Education, % Patricia Hicks, P. O. Box 2120,
  Richmond, Virginia 23218.  Questions may be directed to
  Patricia Hicks at (804) 225-2400.
  Attachment: This memo and its attachment will be sent
              to the superintendent's office
                  Virginia Department of Education
                          Order Form
                           for the
            1996-97 Virginia Educational Directory
  I request the following:
                       directories @ $10.00 each
                       diskettes @ $3.00 each
  A check payable to the Department of Education in the amount
  of $                    is enclosed.
  School Division:                                             
  Name of Person Requesting Copies:                            
  Send order form to:
              Patricia Hicks
              Office of Production Services
              Virginia Department of Education
              P. O. Box 2120
              Richmond, Virginia  23218-2120