P. O. BOX 2120
June 20, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Report of Children and Youth With Disabilities Exiting 
Special Education (1996-97 School Year)

  Under the provisions of Public Law 98-199 and its subsequent
  amendments, state education agencies are required to provide
  the U.S. Department of Education with data relative to
  children with disabilities exiting the educational system
  during the school year.  Submission of exit data is an
  automated process included in the Special Education Student
  Information System (K6).  General instructions for completing
  this report are included as an attachment to this memo.  

  Please return the Exit Report diskette by Friday, August 11,
  1997 to Paul J. Raskopf, Office of Special Education and
  Student Services, Department of Education, P.O. Box 2120,
  Richmond, Virginia, 23218-2120.  Inquiries regarding this
  report should also be directed to Mr. Raskopf at 804-225-2080.

  Enclosures:  A hard copy of this memo and its enclosures
               will be sent to the superintendent's office.


  The K6 special education student information system is used to
  submit exit report data, with the exit extract report run onto
  a diskette.  There is no special diskette provided by the
  Department for the exit report;  each school division uses
  their own diskette. Use of this system to submit exit data
  assumes that student records maintained in the K6 software
  have been kept up to date.  In other words, the K6 system does
  not automatically "know" that a student has exited the
  educational system unless the K6 operator has entered
  appropriate information in the "Exit Data Screen" (see page 85
  of the K6 Users' Manual).  Your first step is to ensure that
  all student records (for those students who have "exited") are
  updated in the K6 software.  Reasons for exiting should be
  coded in accordance with the instructions found below.

  Specific Instructions

  Follow the instructions on page 95-97 in the K6 Users Manual
  to run the Exit Report.  When prompted for the date range,
  enter 07/01/96 as the beginning date and 06/30/97 as the
  ending date.  The software will then extract all needed data
  for students who exited during this period of time. The
  definitions below will help you in determining which exit
  category to use.  

  Exit Code 1 - Graduation with Diploma:

            Students who exited an educational program through
            receipt of a high school diploma identical to that
            for which students without disabilities are

  Exit Code 2 - Graduation with Certificate or IEP Completion:

            Students who exited an educational program through
            receipt of a certificate of completion, modified
            diploma, fulfillment of an IEP, recipients of a GED
            (while enrolled in some type of secondary education
            program but NOT DROPPED OUT) or some similar

  Exit Code 3 - Reached Maximum Age:

            Students who exited special education because of
            reaching the maximum age for receipt of special
            education services and did not receive a diploma or
            certificate of completion.

  Exit Code 4 - Dropped Out:

            Students who were enrolled at some point in the
            reporting year, were not enrolled at the end of the
            reporting year, and did not exit through any of the
            other categories described.  This includes
            dropouts, runaways, expulsions, GED recipients (not
            enrolled in some type of secondary education
            program, but received the GED after dropping out of
            school), and other exiters.

  Exit Code 5 - Status Unknown:

            Students who exited the educational system where
            specific causes of departure could not be
            determined or were not known.

  Exit Code 6 - Returned To General Education:

            Students who were served in special education
            during the previous reporting year but at some
            point during that 12-month period, returned to
            regular education as a result of having met the
            objectives of their IEP.  These are students who no
            longer have an IEP and are receiving all of their
            educational services from a general education

  Exit Code 7 - Moved, Known to be Continuing:

            Students who moved out of the division and are
            KNOWN to be continuing in another educational
            program.  There need not be evidence that the
            student is continuing in special education, only
            that he/she is continuing in a general education
            program.  This includes transfers, and students in
            residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers or
            correctional facilities.

  Exit Code 8 - Deceased:

            Students who died.  

  Exit Code 9 - Moved, Not Known to be Continuing:

            Students who moved out of the division and are NOT
            KNOWN to be continuing in another educational
            program.  This includes students who have moved out
            of the division and there is no evidence (e.g., a
            record request) to indicate that they have enrolled
            in another educational program.