P. O. BOX 2120
September 26, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Superintendent's Memo #64, Administrative Addition and Correction

  It has come to our attention that the report forms for
  Incidents of Crime, Violence, and Substance Abuse, School
  Year 1996-97, (dated September 19, 1997), contain two
  errors, p. 15, and p. 33:

          -    Page 15 is missing from the original package
          -    Page 13, the Directions for the Table, are

  Attached with this memo are copies of page 15 and page 33. 
  Please insert this addition and correction into your report
  forms package to ensure that information submitted will be
  complete and correct.

  Please accept our apology for this oversight.  If you have
  any questions, you may contact Marsha Hubbard  at (804) 225-2928.


  Enclosure:   A hard copy of this memo and its enclosure
               will be sent to the superintendent's office

  Instructions for  Table 3-Weapons Violations        
  Page 15

  Purpose of Table:
     This table identifies individuals caught possessing
     weapons on school property.  The weapon possession
     violations are classified as firearms, non firearms
     (other weapons), and look-alike weapons.  The weapon
     possession violations are further categorized by gender
     and, if appropriate, grade level.


  1. Enter your school division number assigned by DOE and
     your division name at the top of the page.

  2. If this table does not apply to your division (e.g. all
     entries for all the cells equal zero), please place
     'N/A' to indicate 'Not Applicable' in the lower right
     most cell (e.g. usually the cell for the row and column

  3. Enter the total number of individuals caught possessing
     weapons on school property.  These counts are
     unduplicated counts.  

  4. Sum the columns to determine the column totals.  Sum
     the rows to determine the row totals.

  5. The column totals should equal the row totals.  Once
     your math is correct enter the correct value in the Row
     and Column Total cell.

  NOTE: If the value of a cell is zero, leave the cell blank. 
  Placing '0' in cell(s) to indicate zero values makes the
  form very difficult to read and thus prone to data entry

  General Rules and Guidelines
     The possession of weapon counts are categorized by
     weapon type (e.g. firearm, non-firearm, and look-alike),
     gender and, if appropriate, grade.  

     The cells represent unduplicated counts of individuals
     found to possess weapons on school property. Only report
     an individual once for each specific category being tracked.
     Listed below is an example of an unduplicated count of an
     individual in violation of firearms possession.

          EXAMPLE - Unduplicated Count of Individual in
          Violation of Firearms Possession  J.D. is caught
          during the fall semester (e.g. Oct 12) possessing
          a firearm and a knife.  Later in the year (e.g.
          Dec 20) J.D. is caught possessing a firearm.  J.D.
          is an 11th grade male.  For the above example the
          following counts should be reported:

  Possession of FIREARMS (11th grade, male)       1
  Possession of WEAPONS  (11th grade, male)       1  

  Instruction for Table 12-Student Suspensions and Expulsions
  Page 33

  Purpose of Table:
     This table collects data on student suspensions (both
     long- and short-term)*  and expulsions including
     expulsions for possession of weapons.   Weapons are
     categorized by Firearm type (handgun, other firearm,
     knife, or other illegal weapon, including lookalikes).


  1) Enter your school number assigned by DOE and your
     school name.

  2) Enter the total number of students long-term suspended,
     short-term suspended, and expelled, for all reasons,
     including weapons possession.

  3) Enter the total number of students expelled for weapons
     possession by type of weapon.

  NOTE:  The number of students expelled for weapons is a 
         subset of the total number of students expelled. 

     For example, a total of 4 students were expelled: 2 for
  possession of alcohol, 1 for possession of a handgun and 1
  for possession of a knife.  Enter "4" in the column entitled
  NO. OF STUDENTS EXPELLED; Enter "1" in the column entitled
  HANDGUN and "1" in the column entitled KNIFE.

  *  Long-term:     Eleven days or longer
     Short-term:    10 days or less

  ~  Do not include in-school suspensions

  ** Enter the total number of students suspended or
     expelled at each school.  These counts represent
     unduplicated counts of individuals.