P. O. BOX 2120
April 18, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Teacher Questionnaire for SSI Recipients

  In 1996, Congress changed the way eligibility for payment of
  SSI benefits for certain children with disabilities is to be
  determined.  Approximately 10,000 students in Virginia may be
  affected by this change.  The Virginia Department of
  Rehabilitative Services Disability Determination division
  (DDS) is responsible for reviewing these cases and
  redetermining eligibility for recipients.

  Although Congress allowed one year for the redetermination
  process, the Social Security Administration only recently
  (March 1997) provided DDS with instructions for completing the
  redeterminations.  This has shortened the period of time in
  which DDS will be requesting information from you and your
  teachers.  Specifically, all cases will need a "teacher
  questionnaire" completed by the classroom teacher.  All
  redeterminations must be completed by August 29, 1997, in
  order to comply with the law as passed by Congress.  In order
  to meet this deadline, your assistance is requested.

  I am asking that you follow this procedure in providing the
  required information to DDS:

     -    DDS will provide the local school division a list
          of recipients, including names, addresses, and
          social security numbers.

     -    Local school division forwards questionnaire to the
          appropriate teacher.

     -    The teacher completes the questionnaire and returns
          it to a designated contact in the Central Office.

          The school division's designated contact person
          holds the questionnaire until a signed release of
          information is received from DDS.

                         - O V E R -

     -    Questionnaire is then returned to DDS.

     -    DDS completes the redetermination process.

  Because of the volume and timing, local school divisions may
  receive from DDS up to $14 per returned questionnaire to
  defray the costs of providing this information.  These are
  100 percent federal funds earmarked for this special
  project.  Further information will be provided by DDS
  regarding this matter.

  I appreciate your attention to this matter, and thank you in
  advance for your cooperation with DDS.