P. O. BOX 2120
May 9, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: School Division Updated Technology Plans 

  The 1994-96 Appropriations Act specified certain
  requirements for the Educational Technology Initiative
  related to the automation of library media centers and
  telecommunications.  A key requirement was that a
  divisionwide long-range technology plan be developed (Supts.
  Memo. No. 37, May 6, 1994).  Minimal components were a
  mission statement and philosophy for the use of educational
  technology, a statement of a "vision" of how the
  school/school division would like to employ and integrate
  technology under optimum conditions, and an
  action/implementation plan showing goals, strategies, and
  timelines.  Other highly desirable technology plan
  components evolving from subsequent technology initiatives
  are a description of the current status of technology, a
  needs assessment summary indicating what educators perceive
  is necessary to enhance and support teaching and learning
  with technology, an educator training plan, and strategies
  to update the technology plan and to evaluate the effect of
  its implementation. 

  Following receipt of initial divisionwide plans, the
  Department has requested reports  from school divisions on
  the progress of the planning process--specifically updated
  technology plans (Supts. Memo. No. 37, May 19, 1995).  In
  addition, the 1996-98 Appropriations Act include
  requirements related to school division technology planning. 
  Such requirements have also been extended to division and
  regional vocational centers, regional special education
  centers, and regular school year Governor's Schools. 
  Equipment purchased with technology grant funds must be
  identified in goals and strategies of an approved school
  division/school plan (Supts. Memo. No. 120, June 28, 1996).

  It is anticipated that updated technology plans will provide
  invaluable information in support of future state and
  federal funding.  Therefore, we are requesting a copy of
  your updated technology plan by August 1, 1997.  If you have
  recently submitted your updated plan, you do not need to
  provide another copy.  The department will choose a review
  panel to evaluate the plans based upon the components listed
  in paragraph one.  Plans are to be sent to Dr. Ida Hill,
  Assistant Superintendent for Technology, P.O. Box 2120,
  Richmond, VA  23218-2120.  Questions should be directed to
  Dr. Hill at (804) 225-2757.     

  Questions concerning the development/updating of technology
  plans and/or the planning process should be directed to
  Gordon F. Creasy, Division of Technology, at 804-225-4430.