P. O. BOX 2120
August 29, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Observation Opportunities Available from the Improving Special Education 
Experiences (ISEE) Project Demonstration Sites 

  I am pleased to inform you of an opportunity for schools to
  participate in the Improving Special Education Experiences
  (ISEE) project, an interagency initiative of the Virginia
  Board for People with Disabilities (VBPD); the Department
  for Rights of Virginians with Disabilities (DRVD); and the
  Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities (VIDD),
  with the participation of the Virginia Department of
  Education (VDOE).  This initiative seeks to improve the
  experiences of students, parents, and school personnel
  regarding the delivery of special education services.

  In Supts. Memo 110,  August 4, 1995, and Supts. Memo 151,
  August 15, 1996, several key activities of the ISEE project
  were outlined, including identifying and supporting
  demonstration schools.  During the 1995-96 school year, four
  identified ISEE school sites strengthened their special
  education services in preparation to become demonstration
  sites.  During the 1996-97 school year, school teams were
  invited to visit these ISEE demonstration sites to learn
  about their delivery of special education services and to
  utilize these sites as resources for training and technical
  assistance.  Over 70 school teams visited ISEE demonstration
  sites.  For the 1997-98 school year, additional school teams
  are invited to take advantage of  this opportunity. Visiting
  school teams will be offered a stipend of $250 to assist
  with the cost of such visits.  In addition, during the 1997-98
  school year,  ISEE demonstration sites will select and
  mentor one of the school teams who has visited and expressed
  a desire for more focused training and technical assistance
  in improving their special education services.  

  The attached flyer and form outline information about these
  demonstration opportunities and how schools can participate
  and access stipends.  If you need additional information,
  please contact Melanie Sterling, ISEE Project Director,
  Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities at 
  (804) 828-3876.


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
               will be sent to the superintendent's office.

  copy:   Principals
          Special Education Directors
          Parent Resource Centers