P. O. BOX 2120
September 5, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Correspondence Courses for Home Instruction

  Attached is an updated list of correspondence schools whose
  courses may be used to comply with Section 254.l (A), Option
  (iii) of the Code of Virginia pertaining to home
  instruction. These approvals are effective retroactive to
  July 1.

  This year, we have added two new schools to the list,
  Keystone National High School and the North Dakota Division
  of Independent Study.  You will also notice that we have
  added Fax numbers and Internet and e-mail addresses for
  those schools that list them in their publications.  We hope
  this will be helpful to you and parents who choose this
  option to homeschool their children.  Keystone National High
  School offers a course in driver education which we are also
  approving to meet the classroom instruction portion of the
  program.  The driver education course offered by the
  University of Nebraska-Linclon continues to be approved.

  The International Institute has been dropped from the list
  for failure to submit the material required for continuing
  approval for two successive years.  Parents who have already
  enrolled their children in this school should be allowed to
  qualify for home instruction under option (iii) for this
  year.  If they wish to continue to use this school after
  this year will be required to seek authorization under
  option (iv).

  The list may be updated periodically.  It should be made
  available to parents or other interested parties upon
  request.  Parents who wish to use courses offered by a
  school not appearing on the list should contact the school
  and request the appropriate official to obtain information
  from the Department of Education about requirements for
  including courses on the list, or they may submit the
  curriculum to your office for review in accordance with the
  requirements of Option (iv) of 22.l-254.1 (A).

  Questions regarding correspondence courses (schools) should
  be directed to Charles W. Finley, Policy Associate, at (804)
  225-2747 or by e-mail to

  Attachment: A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
              will be sent to the superintendent's office.