P. O. BOX 2120
September 19, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Educational Technology Leadership Conference

  The Division of Technology will conduct an educational
  technology leadership conference December 10 -12, 1997, at
  the Hotel Roanoke. This is the third annual conference and
  is in response to an overwhelming number of requests to
  continue training and technical assistance in this format.
  The target audience for this conference includes division-
  level administrators, key technology instructional leaders,
  and contact persons for library media, instructional
  technology,  distance learning, administrative data
  processing, instructional television, and building level
  technology leaders.

  The theme of this year's conference is "The Power of
  Technology."  Technology is a powerful tool that can enhance
  student learning and achievement. The Six-Year Educational
  Technology Plan for Virginia and local division technology
  plans provide a vision for effective teaching using
  technology in the classroom.  Keynote sessions at the
  conference will feature several prominent national speakers. 
  Mr. Manny Green from the National Exchange Carrier
  Association (NECA) will speak and answer questions about the
  Universal Service Discount Program.  Ms. Irene Flannery from
  the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will co-present
  with Mr. Green and speak on the 1996 Telecommunications Act. 
  Mr. Fred D'Ignazio, renowned educational computing author
  and consultant, will conduct numerous feature sessions on
  the successful use of technology in classrooms. General and
  concurrent sessions will focus on continued implementation
  of the state technology plan and will include presentations
  related to:  planning, training, curriculum, evaluation, the
  SOL, and administration. There also will be several pre-conference 
  workshops on Wednesday morning, hands-on workshops during the 
  conference, and repeat offerings of popular presentations.   

  Each of your division's technology contacts will receive
  very soon an announcement of the conference along with
  registration information from Virginia Tech's Office of
  Continuing Education. This conference is an opportunity for
  your division's technology leaders to share in an experience
  designed to motivate thinking and discussion about how we
  can use technology more effectively to help teachers teach
  and students learn. We hope that you will attend and that
  you will also encourage your division's technology leaders
  to attend what we believe will be yet another exciting and
  rewarding conference.

  Questions regarding the conference may be directed to Randy
  Agee, Conference Chair, at (804) 371-6881 or Lan Neugent,
  Acting Assistant Superintendent for Technology, at (804)