P. O. BOX 2120
October 10, 1997


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Goals 2000 Grant Process

     As announced by Governor Allen on September 30, 1997,
  Virginia has received state grants for 1996 and 1997 Goals
  2000 funds. The primary goal of Virginia's grant application
  was to request funds to assist school divisions in
  implementating the Standards of Learning by providing
  classroom computers and related technology. This is to make
  you aware of the process to be used to distribute these

     As indicated in Supt's Memo No. 82 (May  9, 1997), all
  divisions were asked to submit updated technology plans by
  August 1, 1997. Many divisions complied with this request,
  while others did not because of staffing limitations, timing
  considerations, required local board approval, or varying
  priorities. The memo also stated that it was anticipated
  that these plans would be used to provide information in
  support of  future federal funding. To be eligible for Goals
  2000 funding, all divisions are required to have either a
  technology plan or an updated plan on file with the
  Technology Division by November 3, 1997. Divisions that have
  previously submitted division technology  plans may resubmit
  amended plans during this time period.

     Goals 2000 grants provided to Virginia school
  divisions, as determined by federal legislation, must be
  distributed through a competitive process that addresses the
  needs of disadvantaged students. Virginia's Goals 2000
  distribution process includes the following provisions:

        *   Funding will be allocated to divisions based on
            two factors: quality of the divisional technology
            plans (divisional/SOL implementation) and the
            number of students in poverty.

        *   A two-tiered process will be used to assign 
            divisions to one of  four groups receiving
            different per pupil amounts. (The attached chart
            illustrates the complete process.)

        *   Assignment to the four groups will be based on the
            relative quality of divisional technology plans
            determined through a nine-point competitive rating
            process. (The nine criteria components were
            outlined in the May 9th Supt's memo.)  

        *   Divisions receiving a 5-9 rating on the quality of
            their technology plans will qualify for grants
            under Tier I.

        *   Divisions whose technology plans are rated from 7
            to 9 will be assigned to the group receiving the
            highest per pupil amount. (Tier I, Group A)

        *   Divisions whose technology plans are rated from 5
            to 6 will be assigned to the group receiving the
            next highest per pupil amount. (Tier I, Group B)

        *   Divisions receiving a 0-4 rating will be
            encouraged to submit an implementation plan for
            technology Standard of Learning to qualify under
            Tier II. These plans also will be rated using nine
            criteria and points. 

        *   Divisions whose SOL implementation plan is rated 5
            to 9 will be assigned to the next highest per
            pupil amount. (Tier II, Group C)

        *   Divisions whose SOL implementation plan is rated 4
            will be assigned to the lowest per pupil amount.
            (Tier II, Group D)

        *   Divisions whose SOL implementation plans are rated
            from 0 to 3 will not be eligible to receive
            funding under the Goals 2000 program.

     Division grant amounts will be determined by
  multiplying the division's per pupil amount (as determined
  by assigned group A, B, C or D.) by the number of students
  in poverty in the division.  Calculation of per pupil
  amounts for each group will be dependent upon the
  competitive process that will determine the number of
  divisions in each group and factor in the number of students
  in poverty in each of those divisions.

     Plans are underway to develop and provide applications
  to divisions in the very near future. Grant monies will be 
  made available to school divisions in sufficient time to
  allow purchase, delivery, and reimbursement to occur before
  the end of this academic year.

     Questions concerning the Goals 2000 grant process
  should be directed to Mr. Lan Neugent, Acting Assistant
  Superintendent for Technology, at (804) 786-2260. 


  Attachment:  A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
                 will be sent to the superintendent's office.