P. O. BOX 2120
May 29, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Requests for Proposals for Funding Training for Educational Interpreters for 1998-2000 

  This is to announce the availability of funds and to solicit
  requests for proposals for training for educational
  interpreters for 1998-2000.  Funding will be available
  August 1, 1998 through June 30, 2000.  Funding for the
  second year will be contingent upon receipt of federal
  funding and upon positive results of an evaluation of first
  year training activities.  A continuation proposal will be
  solicited in the spring of 1999.  The estimated range of
  awards is $2,000 through $30,000 per year.


  The purpose of this funding is to enable educational
  interpreters employed by local school divisions and state
  operated programs to meet the qualification requirements
  specified in the Virginia Special Education Regulations. 
  Funding is designed to enable interpreters to meet and
  retain the Virginia Quality Assurance Screening Level III or
  higher credential for sign language and/or cued speech
  interpreters/transliterators.  Substitute interpreters may
  be considered employees of local school divisions.

  Proposals are solicited for each of the following tracks:

  A. Local school division or state operated program
       proposal to train employees of that division/program
       and other nearby divisions/programs.

  B. Providers of courses/workshops for interpreters,
       including community colleges, institutions of higher
       education, or state operated programs.

  C. Research regarding the development of educational
       interpreting skills (e.g., evaluating the effectiveness
       of different training methodologies, identifying
       vocational aptitudes characteristic of effective


  Applicants are invited to submit grant proposals according
  to the attached Request for Proposal.   An original proposal
  and two copies must be received by 5:00 p.m. June 30, 1998. 
  Only one proposal may be submitted per school division,
  state operated program, community college, or institution of
  higher education.  The proposal may address more than one
  track or training in both sign language and cued speech.

  Notification of grant awards is anticipated by July 24,
  1998.  Applicants may be required to participate in a
  training session.  Questions should be directed to Dr. Lissa
  Power-deFur at (804) 225-2818 or 
  TDD users may call (804) 371-0655.


  Attachment:  A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
                 will be sent to the superintendent's office

  cc:     Virginia's community colleges
     Virginia's public institutions of higher education