P. O. BOX 2120
July 10, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Children in Foster Care - 1998-99 Reimbursement for 1997-98 Costs

  Attached are forms that must be completed to claim reimbursement
  for the local expenditures incurred during the 1997-98 school
  year for the education of children in foster care who were
  enrolled in public schools.  Please read all of Attachment A
  carefully before completing the attached forms.  All reports
  must be signed by the appropriate person and returned.  If no
  claims are made, please mark "NONE" on the reimbursement form.

  The Department of Education will make all calculations and send
  the entitlement to the division after the Annual School Report
  is finalized.  Questions concerning the Annual School Report
  should be directed to Mr. L. M. Morgan, Director of Accounting
  and Finance, at (804)225-2040.

  The attached forms should be completed by September 18, 1998,
  and returned to Mrs. Leigh H. Williams, Budget Analyst, P. O.
  Box 2120, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120.  Questions concerning
  these forms or procedures may be directed to Mrs. Williams at
  (804) 225-2060.


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attachments
               will be sent to the superintendent's office.

                                                   Attachment A

                   (FORM BA.004 - CLAIM FORM)

     Attachment B, Claim Form, is the data collection instrument
  used to support a claim for reimbursement of the local expense
  incurred for educating children who are in foster care and are
  not your financial responsibility.  Please note that in addition
  to those children claimed for whom your school division is
  providing education services, children attending approved
  regional programs also may be claimed on Attachment B.  (Please
  duplicate additional pages of Attachment B as necessary.)

  Column 1 - School Division of Legal Residence

     Indicate the school division (county, city, or town) of
  legal residence from which the child was sent.  Legal residence
  is defined as the domicile of the child's parent, legal
  guardian, or location of the custodial agency holding custody of
  the child.

     Reimbursement is not authorized for children in foster care
  who are legal residents of the school division(s) submitting the
  claim.  (Please see Special Note on Page 2 of Attachment A.)  If
  the placing agency has legal custody, and is located within the
  boundaries of your school division, the child is determined to
  be a legal resident of your school division.

     Reimbursement is not authorized for children who are not
  residents of Virginia, whether handicapped or not, who have been
  placed by an out-of-state agency or a person who is the resident
  of another state in foster care or other custodial care or in a
  child-caring institution or group home.

  Column 2 - Type of Placement

     Agency Placements:  Indicate the full name of the agency,
  state or local, authorized to do so under the laws of Virginia,
  that placed the child in foster care.  Please note:  Only
  children who are temporary placements may be claimed; permanent
  placements are judged as legal residents of the locality (i.e.
  legal custody of the child has been transferred to the agency).

     Private Placements:  If placement was made into an approved
  foster care facility by the natural parent or other relative,
  not representing an authorized agency, indicate their name and
  relationship to the child.  Please note:  Children placed by
  parents or relatives cannot be placed into private homes, but
  they can be placed into Department of Social Services approved

  Column 3 - Foster Home

     Indicate the official name and address of the foster care
  facility or institution, or the name and address of the foster
  parents (private home).  Do not list the name of the director or
  administrator of the foster care facility or institution as the
  name of the home.  Please do not request reimbursement for
  children placed in foster homes that are not approved or
  licensed by the State Department of Social Services.

     Children in the custody of a placing agency who have been
  placed in the home of their natural or adoptive parent(s) are
  not considered foster care children.  Foster care is defined as
  temporary substitute care and supervision of a child by a person
  other than the child's natural or adoptive parent, with whom the
  child resides as a member of the household.

  Column 4 - Child's Name

     Provide the full legal name of the child in foster care.

  Column 5 - Days Enrolled

     Indicate the total number of days the child was enrolled
  (not days in attendance) in your school division in the school
  year 1997-98.

  Column 6 - Handicapping Condition  (Special Education Claim

     Indicate the primary handicapping condition of the child as
  identified on the IEP.  Use coding as illustrated on Attachment
  A, Page 3 only.

     Attachment B - Part B, page 2, is a summary sheet for
  Special Education.  Please complete this sheet giving the total
  number of days claimed in each of the handicapping conditions. 
  Please make certain that the grand total on this sheet matches
  the grand total of all the Special Education claim forms.


     There may be situations when the school division of
  temporary residence contracts with another school division to
  educate the child.  Children in foster care who are legal
  residents of the sending locality may not be included for local
  cost reimbursement by either the sending or educating locality. 
  The educating locality should bill the sending locality for the
  costs incurred per the terms of the contract.


          The handicapping condition of the child claimed should
  be the primary handicapping condition specified in the child's

     Code           Handicapping Condition             Factor

     EMR            Educable Mental Retardation          2.35

     TMR            Trainable Mental Retardation         3.32

     SPD            Severe & Profound Disabilities       2.85

     HI             Hearing Impairments                  3.68

     TBI            Traumatic Brain Injured              1.88

     SLI            Speech or Language Impairments       1.44

     VI             Visual Impairments                   3.53

     SED            Serious Emotional Disturbance        2.88

     OI             Orthopedic Impairments               3.25

     OHI*           Other Health Impairments             1.69

     AUT            Autism                               3.87

     SLD            Specific Learning Disabilities       2.01

     D/B            Deaf/Blind                           2.00

     MD             Multible Disabilities                3.12

     DD             Developmental Delay                  2.37

     The factors indicated for each of the 15 primary
  handicapping conditions will be used as a multiple of the
  average per pupil cost of Regular Day School Operation to
  determine reimbursement of the total cost for handicapping
  pupils in 1997-98.  

     *    When this particular code is used in
            claiming reimbursement for a handicapped
            child in foster care, please use the other
            side of this sheet to briefly describe the
            health impairment and return with Attachment

                                                   Attachment B

                      1997-98 FOSTER CARE

     I hereby certify that the attached information is true and
  accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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