P. O. BOX 2120
July 24, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program Grants (CSRD)

  The purpose of this memo is to inform you of an additional
  workshop that will be sponsored by the Virginia Department of
  Education on the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration
  Program grant application process.  This meeting will be held
  at the Fallon Park Elementary School, 502 19th Street, SE in
  Roanoke, Virginia on August 18, 1998, at 9:30 a.m. to 3:30

  We are conducting this additional workshop because we have
  changed the eligibility criteria for schools that can apply
  for these competitive grants.  The effect of the change is to
  make more schools eligible to apply for the grants.  Please
  read the attached page which describes the new eligibility
  criteria. This workshop will be a repeat of the two previous
  workshops.  School representatives who attended one of the
  previous workshops would not be expected to attend.  If there
  are additional schools in your division that are interested in
  applying for these grant funds and wish to attend the
  workshop, please complete the attached form and return it by
  August 7, 1998.

  (Directions to Fallon Park Elementary School: Take I-581 into
  Roanoke to the Elm Avenue exit. Go East on Elm Avenue to 19th
  Street and turn left.  Fallon Park will be on your right.) 

  If you have questions, please contact George H. Irby,
  Director, Office of Compensatory Programs, Division of
  Instruction, at (804) 225-2869.


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attachments
               will be sent to the superintendent's office.

       Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program

                Description of Eligible Schools

  The purpose of this grant initiative is to provide financial
  incentives for schools to implement comprehensive school
  reform based on reliable research and effective practices and
  to have schools emphasize the core subject academic areas of
  mathematics, science, English, and history and social studies
  so that all children can achieve the Standards of Learning. 
  These comprehensive school reform grants are intended to
  stimulate a coordinated effort by the whole school to increase
  student performance, covering virtually all aspects of school
  operations rather than a piecemeal, fragmented approach to


      Awards will be made in two categories. 

  Category 1:    Up to 35 awards will be made to Title I
                 applicant schools that are identified for Title
                 I School Improvement. (For a list of the
                 schools in Title I School Improvement, see
                 Supts. Administrative Memo No. 7, February 13,

     NOTE: School divisions that have Title I schools in
           School Improvement and wish to apply for a grant must
           choose applicants from those schools in School

     NOTE: There is no maximum number of applications that
           will be accepted in Category 1 from each school division;
           however, because of equity considerations, no LEA will
           receive more than four awards in this category.

  Category 2:    Up to 11 awards will be made to Title I or non-Title I middle, junior, and high schools 
                 (pending approval of waiver submitted to U.S.
                 Department of Education) that are not
                 identified for Title I School Improvement.  

     NOTE: School divisions that are considering applying in
           this category must have first submitted applications for
           all of their Title I schools in School Improvement.

     NOTE: There is no maximum number of applications that  will be
           accepted in Category 2 from each school division;   however,
           equity will be considered as awards are made.


          Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration Program

             Workshops on the Grant Application Process

                             Roanoke, VA
                           August 18, 1998

                            Response Form

  School Division   _________________________________________________

  Contact Person    _________________________________________________   

  Telephone         _________________________________________________

  I. Name of Person(s) Attending Workshop              Title          

     ____________________________________         _________________

     ____________________________________         _________________  

     ____________________________________         _________________

     ____________________________________         _________________

  II.  Name of School     Grade        In Title I        Middle, Junior
       Interested in      Levels         School            High Title I
        Submitting                     Improvement        or Non Title I
        Application                                           School

       _____________      ______    __________________    _____________

       _____________      ______    __________________    _____________

       _____________      ______    __________________    _____________

       _____________      ______    __________________    _____________

  Respond to:  (Mrs.) Helen Tucker, Office of Compensatory Programs,
               Virginia Department of Education.  Fax: (804) 371-7347;
               Phone: (804) 225-2902 by August 7, 1998.