P. O. BOX 2120
January 9, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Richard T. La Pointe
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: School Performance Report Card

       On January 8, 1998 the State Board of Education
  approved a sample version of the annual School Performance
  Report Card, as referenced in Part VII of the Standards for
  Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia (8VAC 20-131-270). 
  Attached are the samples for the Elementary, Middle, and
  High School Report Cards for you to share with your
  principals and staff.  

     The Board made it clear that they wanted this report to
  be a source of information for parents. The information
  provided is intended to capture those items closely
  associated with children's achievement and performance.  A
  request for funds to produce and distribute copies of the
  School Performance Report Card has been submitted by the
  Department through the budget process.  Details addressing
  format, data, production, distribution, and time lines are
  yet to be determined. An expanded version of the Report Card
  will be developed to present additional information required
  by the Standards of Accreditation and to consider
  information recommended by various constituency groups. 
  Again, the specific data to be included and the production
  and distribution have yet to be decided.

       Several items on the sample Report Card are being noted
  by "place markers."  These items, such as the Virginia Early
  Reading Initiative, are being developed.  Within the
  Elementary and Middle School Cards, under "A Closer Look at
  Testing and Results," you will see numbers listed under
  "Subject Areas."  These numbers represent reporting
  categories from the Standards of Learning Tests Blueprints. 
  The explanation of the scores in these charts will be

     The sample School Performance Report Cards were made
  available at the Board of Education's meeting on January 8. 
  If you have any questions, or comments, please talk with me
  or Tom Shortt.  We will keep you informed as the items for
  this Card and the expanded version are completed.   


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attachment
                 will be sent to the superintendent's office.