P. O. BOX 2120
May 15, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Prince William County Receives Medallion of Excellence

  It is a pleasure to inform division superintendents that the
  Prince William County public school system has received a
  Medallion of Excellence, a U. S. Senate award for
  productivity improvement.

  Prince William County is the only school division in
  Northern Virginia to have won the prestigious award since
  the inception of the program in 1982.  The Medallion of
  Excellence is the highest recognition in the U. S. Senate
  Productivity and Quality Award (SPQA)program.

  The school division's selection for the award was based on a
  written application and an on-site visit to evaluate quality
  and productivity in eight management areas.  Recipients of
  the award are selected by a 25-member board representing
  more than 250 years of quality and productivity experience. 
  The awards program in the state is administered by Virginia

  The SPQA program was established by a U. S. Senate
  resolution to foster awareness of the need for productivity
  improvement and to recognize state-level organizations that
  demonstrate such improvements.  The eight criteria on which
  applicants are evaluated are: Maturity of Effort; Top
  Management Commitment and Involvement (Leadership); Employee
  Involvement; Development and Management of Participation;
  Recognition and Rewards Systems; Plan for Continuous
  Improvement; Performance Measurement Process (Use of
  Information); Customer and Supplier Involvement; and Results
  Over Time.

  Prince William County's school system has operated under a
  Quality Management Plan since 1993.  The plan establishes
  standards of quality and performance in the areas of student
  achievement, customer service, and customer satisfaction.

  School-Based Management was adopted by the school division
  in 1988 and a concurrent Commitment to Quality Partnership
  with Xerox Corporation and the State Department of Education
  to tailor quality strategies from the business world to
  improve the quality of public education.

  The award was received by Superintendent Edward L. Kelly and
  Prince William County School Board Chairperson Lucy S.
  Beauchamp.  "This award is a reflection of the hard work and
  dedication of all our employees," Dr. Kelly said.  "I think
  it is an indication that Prince William County public
  schools is an outstanding school division and that students
  here receive a quality education."