P. O. BOX 2120
June 12, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 1998-99 Wachovia Tutors for Success Program 

  This memorandum is a request for proposals to participate in
  the 1998-99 Wachovia Tutors for Success Program.  Wachovia
  Bank, N.A., will continue the Tutors for Success Program that
  was established by Central Fidelity National Bank.  The
  purpose of this program is to provide supplementary resources
  to assist at-risk students in elementary schools in Virginia.

  Wachovia, in cooperation with the Department of Education,
  will make available funds to establish elementary tutorial
  programs for at-risk students.  Ten schools will be selected
  to participate in this program for up to three years.  Each
  participating school will receive $4,700 annually to support
  the program.

  The Wachovia Tutors for Success Program is open to all
  Virginia public elementary schools within a 25-mile radius of
  a Wachovia office.  There is no limit to the number of schools
  that may apply within a school division.  A copy of this memo
  also is being sent to each elementary principal in your school

  All schools receiving the tutorial funding must submit a
  comprehensive interim and final evaluation as well as a
  continuation proposal each year to continue program funding. 
  Program representatives will be expected to attend two one-day
  meetings in Richmond and to accommodate site visits by either
  Wachovia or Department of Education personnel. 

  Proposals will be evaluated on demonstrated need and quality
  as determined by the responses provided on the enclosed
  proposal forms.  To be accepted, each proposal must address
  each topic on the form, be accompanied by the completed cover 
  sheet, and be signed by the Superintendent.  Without
  exception, all proposals must be postmarked by July 7, 1998. 
  Proposals should be sent to:

                  Lisa L. Clemmer
                  Community Affairs Specialist
                  Wachovia Bank
                  P. O. Box 27602
                  Richmond, VA   23261

  The selected schools will be notified of their acceptance into
  the Tutors for Success Program by August 3, 1998.

  Should you have further questions or need additional
  information, please contact Lisa Clemmer, Wachovia, 
  (804) 697-7502 or Dr. Theresa Lee, Department of Education
  (804) 786-8078.


  Attachments:    A hard copy of this memo and its attachments
                  will be sent to the superintendent's office

    c:  Elementary Principals                                                 Attachment 1

                      Tutors for Success
                     Proposal Cover Sheet
                    1998-99 Academic Year

  School Division:  __________________________________________ 

  Superintendent: ____________________________________________

  School: ____________________________________________________

  Address: ___________________________________________________


  Phone:  ____________________________________________________

  Principal:  ________________________________________________

  Tutorial Program Coordinator:  _____________________________

  Certified teacher who will be instructing: _________________

  Grades housed: _____________________________________________

  Estimated 1998-99 student enrollment: ______________________

  Median household income of student body:   _________________

  Ethnic composition of student body (numbers):

                       African American
        male__                              female __

                       Native American
        male__                              female __

        male__                              female __

                    Asian/Pacific Islander
        male__                              female __

        male __                             female __

                      Total Student Body
        male__                               female __

                      Tutors for Success
                       1998-99 Proposal

  School: _____________________________         Return to:           
                                             Lisa L. Clemmer     
  Contact: ___________________________      Community Affairs Sp
                                               Wachovia Bank        
  Telephone No.: ______________________       P. O. Box 27602
                                            Richmond, VA   23261 
  Best time to call: __________________

  Your response to each question may receive a score of 5
  points for a total of 35 points per proposal.  Schools
  receiving the 10 highest scores will be selected to
  participate in the Tutors for Success program sponsored by
  Wachovia.  In the event of a tie, the school or schools
  providing the best response to Question 7 will be selected. 
  Please give careful consideration to your responses as your
  interim and final program evaluations will indicate how you
  have accomplished the goals set forth in this proposal.

  Responses must be typewritten or prepared on a computer
  using at least 10-point font.  Responses to Questions 1
  through 6 must be limited to one-half page each.  You may
  use up to one full page to respond to Question 7.
  1.  The Wachovia Tutors for Success program is designed to
      serve 10 to15 at-risk students.   How will you identify
      the students?  Please explain the process you will use
      and cite specific evaluation and assessment

  2.  The goal of the program is to provide alternative
      instructional strategies and  materials. Explain in
      detail what materials and strategies will be employed.

  3.  The program must be offered as an extension of the
      school day or as a Saturday program, meet at least 40
      times during the school year, offer the equivalent of
      one-half day of instruction per week, and be coordinated
      and taught by a certified teacher. At no time should the
      students be present without a certified teacher.  Please
      provide a complete schedule  for the 1998-99 school
      year, the name, title, and qualifications of the
      individual who will  coordinate the program, and a
      contingency plan should that individual not be available
      for one or more sessions.

  4.  Each school will be required to complete a pre-evaluation
      and post evaluation of each student in the program. 
      Describe in detail the  type of evaluation you
      will use.

  5.  The student can incur no cost for this program.  A
      financial statement must be provided for the program and
      include the source of any additional funding that will
      be used.  If  you will be conducting  fund-raisers,
      please provide details of such activities. 

  6.  How will this program assist at-risk children?

  7.  Why should your school be selected to participate in the
      Wachovia Tutors for Success Program?  Please provide a
      one-page response.