P. O. BOX 2120
October 9, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 1999 Governor's School Selection Process

  Copies of the 1999 Summer Residential Governor's School
  applications and applications for the 1999 Governor's
  Foreign Language Academies, are now available, upon
  request, on diskette (WordPerfect: version 3.5 for
  Macintosh and 6.1 for Windows).  A public school must
  contact the gifted program administrator in the school
  division for a diskette and/or hard copy. School division
  gifted program administrators and private schools must
  request the diskettes and/or hard copy containing the
  application for all Governor's Schools from Cheryl Eberly
  at (804) 225-2067.  Diskettes and hard copies of the
  applications for the Governor's Foreign Language
  Academies also must be requested from Cheryl Eberly at
  (804) 225-2067.

  School divisions must guarantee funding for all Summer
  Residential Governor's School and Governor's Foreign
  Language Academy applicants whose names are submitted to
  the Department of Education.  Divisions may not charge
  students to attend the programs.  Cost for a private
  school student is the school's responsibility and will be
  based on the composite index of the division where the
  student resides or 50 percent, whichever is less.  Travel
  to and from the program and money for personal expenses
  must be provided by participants. The Department of
  Education will use the following per pupil amounts:

   Academics and Arts Programs  . . . . . .     $1,126
   NASA, VIMS, and CNU Mentorships. . . . .     $1,880
   VCU/MCV Mentorship . . . . . . . . . . .     $1,550
   Foreign Language Academies . . . . . . .     $1,455

  Every school division is guaranteed representation in the
  academic program.  Participation in the arts program is
  guaranteed by superintendent's regions. There are no
  guarantees for mentorship programs or Governor's Foreign
  Language Academies.  Every effort will be made to honor
  the division recommendation while providing equitable
  distribution of students by different program offerings,
  race, and gender.  Students may not apply to more than
  one Summer Governor's School program per year (including
  the Governor's Foreign Language Academies) and may attend
  only one such program during their high school careers.

  The selection process for the academic programs will be
  similar to the process used last year.  The visual and
  performing arts selection process continues to require
  auditions. The selection 
  process for the Governor's Foreign Language Academies
  requires unedited samples of oral and written work, and
  admittance to an academy remains solely competitive.
  Please read carefully the general information which
  accompanies the Governor's Foreign Language Academy
  applications for eligibility and nomination requirements. 

  Students who are home schooled or who attend private
  schools outside of Virginia may apply by submitting a
  completed application to the principal of the school in
  the district in which they reside.  The student's
  application then becomes a part of that school's
  application process. Enclosed is a list of important
  dates and information.

  Thank you for your continued interest in and support of
  the Governor's School programs.  Feel free to call Janie
  Craig (804-225-2884) with questions about the Governor's
  Schools and Linda Wallinger (804-225-2593) about the
  Foreign Language Academies.


  Enclosure: A hard copy of this memo and its
             attachment will be sent to the
             superintendent's office.

  c:    High School Principals and Headmasters
        High School Guidance Counselors
        Foreign Language Supervisors and Department Chairmen
        Gifted Program Administrators 


  October 22, 1998     Broadcast of the 1999 Governor's
                         School Program, 2:00 p.m. on local
                         public television stations.

  Early November       School selects arts applicants to
                         participate in state adjudication
                         process and submits completed
                         application for each applicant to the
                         school division's gifted program

  November 20, 1998    Deadline for mailing the applicants
                         report for site adjudication form and
                         four labels for each applicant to
                         Daniel Hocutt, director of the
                         adjudication process.

  December 15, 1998    Individual student adjudication
                         schedules, mailed to gifted program
                         administrators, to be given to the

  December 17, 1998    Deadline for gifted program
                         administrators to notify Daniel Hocutt
                         of needed percussion instruments (for
                         instrumental music applicants) and
                         other special needs of applicants.

  January 8, 1999      Names of Governor's Foreign
                         Language Academy nominees forwarded
                         to the local gifted coordinator for
                         certification of funding.

  January 9, 1999      Site I Adjudication, University of

  January 15, 1999     Deadline for mailing Governor's
                         Foreign Language Academy applications
                         to the Department of Education. Only
                         applications for which funding has
                         been certified should be submitted.

                  Deadline for local gifted coordinator
                    to mail the Foreign Language Nominee
                    Report Form to the Department of

  January 16, 1999     Site II Adjudication, Emory and Henry

  January 23, 1999     Site III Adjudication and Snow Make-Up
                         Date, Lynchburg College

  January 31, 1999     Completed adjudication forms (two for
                         each student) mailed to all gifted
                         program administrators.

  Early February       Date to be determined by gifted
                         program administrator as deadline for
                         schools to submit completed
                         applications (with adjudication forms
                         attached) to the gifted program
                         administrator or the division
                         selection committee.

  February 12, 1999    Deadline for mailing Governor's School
                         applications and the 1999 Governor's
                         School division nominees reports to
                         the Department of Education. Only
                         applications for which funding has
                         been certified should be submitted.

  April 9, 1999        Deadline for mailing letters of
                         acceptance, or alternate status, from
                         the Department of Education.

  1999 Summer Residential Governor's

  u   Humanities - University of Richmond 
      June 27 - July 24 (4 weeks)

  u   Mathematics,Science, and Technology, Lynchburg          
      July 4 - July 31 (4 weeks)

  u   Medicine - Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical
        College of Virginia (VCU/MCV) 
      June 27 - August 6 (6 weeks)

  u   NASA/Langley Research Center (NASA), Christopher 
        Newport University
      June 27 - July 31 (5 weeks) 

  u   Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), 
        Christopher Newport University                    
      June 27 - July 31 (5 weeks)

  u   Jamestown Archaeology, Christopher Newport University
      July 4- July 31 (4 weeks)

  u   Governor's French Academy
      July 4 - July 30 (4 weeks), Virginia School for the 
        Deaf and Blind, Staunton, VA

  u   Governor's Spanish Academy, Virginia School for the
        Deaf and Blind, Staunton, VA
      July 4 - July 30 (4 weeks)

  u   Governor's German Academy, Sweet Briar College,
        Amherst, VA
      July 4 - July 30 (4 weeks)

  u    Governor's Latin Academy, Hollins University, 
         Roanoke, VA
      July 4 - July 23 (3 weeks)

  u   Governor's Russian Academy, James Madison
         University, Harrisonburg, VA
      June 27 - July 15 (19 days)

  u   Governor's Japanese Language Academy, Radford 
         University, Radford, VA
      July 4 - July 23 (3 weeks)