P. O. BOX 2120
November 6, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: 1999 Virginia Teacher of the Year and Regional Teachers of the Year 

  Linda B. Koutoufas, who teaches third grade at Woodstock
  Elementary School in Virginia Beach, has been named
  Virginia's 1999 Teacher of the Year.  She was chosen from
  eight state regional finalists at a special banquet and
  recognition ceremony held in Richmond on Friday, October
  30, sponsored by the Department of Education in cooperation
  with corporate sponsors. The theme for the evening
  celebration was "Children First: Celebrating Teachers and
  Teaching in Virginia."  

  Mrs. Koutoufas, a 25-year teaching veteran, earned her
  bachelor's degree from Mary Washington College and has
  completed graduate work at Old Dominion University, The
  College of William and Mary, and The University of
  Virginia.   She was named Woman of the Year by the
  Virginian-Pilot and the Girl Scouts' Woman of Distinction. 
  Mrs. Koutoufas says of teaching, "I have been captured by
  children and am a better person because of my relationship
  with them."

  Mrs. Koutoufas will participate in the national teacher of
  the year program which is sponsored by the Council of Chief
  State School Officers (CCSSO) and Scholastic Inc.
  Candidates for the Virginia teacher of the year award were 
  first nominated by their school divisions.  Regional
  finalists were selected by a panel composed of
  representatives from various state education professional
  organizations representing teachers, superintendents,
  school boards, parents, institutions of higher education,
  principals, and the 1998 Virginia Teacher of the Year who
  is also the 1998 National Teacher of the Year.

  The 1999 Virginia Regional Teachers of the Year are: 
  Carolyn P. Henly (Carrie) from Chesterfield County
  representing Region I, the Richmond and the south central
  Virginia area; Margaret F. Hardt (Meg) from West Point
  representing Region III, the northeastern and Northern Neck
  area; Regla Armengol, from Fairfax County representing
  Region IV, the northern Virginia and valley area; Carolyn
  A. Rankin, from Staunton, representing Region V, the
  central Virginia area; Benjamin F. Bazak (Ben), from the
  City of Roanoke, representing Region VI, the Roanoke and
  New River Valley area; Linda W. Kelly, from Smyth County,
  representing Region VII, the southwest Virginia area; and
  Paula P. Duncan, from Cumberland County, representing
  Region VIII, the southside area of Virginia.  
  Two of Virginia's Teachers of the Year have become National
  Teachers of the Year.  Mr. B. Philip Bigler, the 1998
  Virginia Teacher of the Year is also the current National
  Teacher of the Year, and Dr. Mary Bicouvaris was selected
  as the 1989 National Teacher of the Year.

  The Virginia Teacher of the Year and the seven Virginia
  Regional Teachers of the Year serve as ambassadors for
  public education during the school year.  The teachers have
  received grants to develop and implement a leadership
  project in their regions.  Their individual messages and
  actions establish a standard of excellence in student
  learning and academic achievement in our classrooms.  We
  encourage you to assist these teachers in their effort to
  become spokespersons for education throughout the

  If you have questions or would like additional information,
  please contact Dr. Thomas A. Elliott, Assistant
  Superintendent for Teacher Education and Licensure, at
  804/371-2522 or Mrs. Byrd G. Latham, Specialist for Teacher
  Education, at 804/225-2104.