P. O. BOX 2120
November 6, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Additional Detailed Information Regarding The First Lady's Web Page for Standards of Learning Lesson Plans

  Superintendent's Memorandum Number 154, dated October 19,
  1998, announced that First Lady Roxane Gilmore unveiled
  an Internet website she designed to help teachers across
  Virginia incorporate the Virginia Standards of Learning
  into their lesson plans.  Teachers were invited to submit
  unit lesson plans on the web page.

  Since the announcement of the web page, interested
  teachers have inquired about the submission of daily
  lesson plans versus unit lesson plans.  I am pleased to
  provide additional detailed information to respond to
  these inquiries.  As indicated in Superintendent's
  Memorandum Number 154, teachers who submit unit lesson
  plans will be eligible for 10 points toward renewal of
  their licenses, with a maximum of 30 points earned in one
  year.  Teachers also have the option of submitting a
  single lesson plan and will be eligible for five points
  each, after review, with a maximum of 30 points earned in
  one year.  A combination of unit lesson plans and daily
  lesson plans may also be submitted for review.  Lesson
  plans will be posted soon after submission.  This does
  not mean the lessons have been reviewed by the committee
  and approved for renewal points.  Teachers will be
  notified via e-mail the status of points awarded.

  The points will be issued under renewal option 9--
  "Educational Project"--outlined in the Board of
  Education's licensure renewal requirements. This option
  allows the accumulation of 90 points every five years. 
  Teachers submitting lesson plans should seek renewal
  approval from their school division licensure renewal
  advisors to ensure that the points can be applied to
  license renewal.  Certificates of recognition will be
  issued to teachers whose plans are published on the web

  The plans will be reviewed by a panel composed of
  Virginia national and regional teachers of the year. 
  Teachers interested in posting lesson plans on the web
  page may submit their plans electronically on the
  "Commonwealth of Knowledge" website:

  I encourage teachers and professors in teacher
  preparation institutions to submit lesson plans for
  review and publication on the First Lady's web page.  If
  you have questions or require additional information
  regarding procedures for submitting lesson plans for the
  panel's review and approval, please do not hesitate to
  contact Dr. JoLynne DeMary, Assistant Superintendent for
  Instruction, at (804) 225-3252 or Dr. Thomas A. Elliott,
  Assistant Superintendent for Teacher Education and
  Licensure, at (804) 371-2522.