P. O. BOX 2120
December 18, 1998


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Standards of Learning World Geography Test Blueprint 

  Enclosed is an advance copy of the test blueprint for the
  Standards of Learning (SOL) world geography test.  An
  additional copy will be sent to your division director of

  The world geography test will provide students with an
  additional opportunity to earn a verified credit in
  history and social science.  The addition of this test
  will make a total of four high school history and social
  science tests:

             United States History
             World History to 1000 A.D./World Geography
             World History from 1000 A.D. to the      
             Present/World Geography
             World Geography

  Please note that no changes have been made to the content
  of the two World History/World Geography blueprints and
  tests.   The standards for the world geography test are
  identical to those measured in the two world
  history/world geography tests, but they are assigned to
  different reporting categories.

  The world geography test items will be field tested in
  the spring of 1999.  The first operational administration
  is anticipated in the fall of 1999.  When the test is
  operational, it will be taken by students who are
  enrolled in a World Geography course, or who have
  completed a World History/World Geography course(s) in
  which instruction covering the world geography standards
  has been provided.

  In late January, Harcourt Brace Educational Measurement
  (HBEM) will send copies of this blueprint to the division
  director of testing for distribution to schools.  For 
  school divisions that have indicated they have enrollment
  in a World Geography course, HBEM will send one (1) copy
  for every 10 students enrolled in a World Geography
  course.  Five copies for each high school will be sent
  to school divisions that have indicated they have no
  enrollment in a World Geography course. The test
  blueprints will be printed on 3-hole-punch paper and
  separated by a colored sheet of paper. 

  Should you have any questions regarding the SOL test
  blueprints, please phone Kevin Hughes in the Division of
  Assessment and Reporting at (804) 225-2102.


  Enclosure: A hard copy of this memo and its attach-
             ment will be sent to the superintendent's