P. O. BOX 2120
January 22, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Certifications for At-Risk Programs and Teacher Salary Increases 
  At Risk Program Funds

  Chapter 1, 1998 Acts of the Assembly, Special Session I
  (Appropriation Act), states that "Local school divisions
  are required to spend, as part of the required local
  expenditure for the Standards of Quality the established
  at-risk payment (state and local share) on approved
  programs for students who are educationally at-risk.  To
  receive these funds, each school division shall certify
  to the Department of Education that the state and local
  shares of the at-risk payment will be used to support
  approved programs for students who are educationally at-risk.
  These programs may include: Dropout Prevention,
  Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), homework
  assistance, Project Discovery, Reading Recovery, programs
  for students who speak English as a second language, and
  programs related to increasing the success of
  disadvantaged students in completing a high school degree
  and providing opportunities to encourage further
  education and training."  Attachment A is a form that
  must be signed by the superintendent certifying that
  these designated funds are being spent on students who
  are educationally at-risk.

  Teacher Salary Funds

  The General Assembly approved the state share of a
  payment equivalent to a 2.25% salary increase effective
  January 1, 1999. The Appropriation Act states, "The
  intent of the General Assembly is that the average
  classroom teacher salary be improved throughout the state
  by at least 2.25% the first year and 2.25% the second
  year.  Sufficient funds are appropriated in this act to
  finance on a statewide basis, the state share of such
  salary increases, to school divisions which certify to
  the state Department of Education, no later than March 1,
  1) that equivalent increases have been granted in the
  fiscal year in which such payments are provided; or 2)
  the school division will begin paying the employee's
  share of contributions to the Virginia Retirement System
  in that fiscal year as a new benefit that had not been
  available to teachers in prior years."  Attachment B must
  be signed by the superintendent certifying that
  sufficient funds have been provided for the salary

  These two forms must be returned to Mrs. June Eanes,
  Budget Director, by February 12, 1999.   If you have any
  questions concerning these two forms, please call Mrs.
  Eanes at (804) 225-2025.


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attach-
               will be sent to the superintendent's