P. O. BOX 2120

October 8, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Additional Teachers Certification for Fiscal Year 2000 Due Date: October 20, 1999

Funding has been appropriated to provide for the state's 
share of approximately 1400 additional elementary teachers 
in fiscal year 2000 (450 of these are continued from lst 
year and 950 teachers are new this year).  These teachers 
are in addition to those funded through the Standards of 
Quality and K-3 Reduced Class Size payments.  Participation 
in this program is optional.  In order for any school 
division to receive its proportionate share of funding for 
these additional teachers, the superintendent must certify 
to the Department of Education that the additional teachers 
are employed.

For the purposes of this funding, the Appropriation Act 
defines a teacher as, "any elementary classroom teacher, 
reading specialist, or technology specialist who has direct 
contact with students in the classroom."  Attachment A is 
the certification form that must be completed and signed by 
the Superintendent and returned to the Department no later 
than October 1, 1999, indicating the intent of your 
division to participate.  Please return the completed form 
to June F. Eanes, budget director, no later than October 
20, 1999.  

Attachment B is a list of the entitlements for Fiscal Year 
2000, which indicates the maximum number of teachers you 
may claim.  Attachment C is a suggested worksheet that may 
be helpful in determining the number of additional teachers 
you are employing in fiscal year 2000.  You do not have to 
complete this worksheet and it does not have to be returned 
to the Department of Education.  It is for your use only.

If you have questions concerning this funding, please call 
Daniel S. Timberlake, assistant superintendent for finance, 
Kent Dickey, assistant budget director, or June Eanes at 
(804) 225-2025.


                                            Attachment A

Certification for Additional Teachers for 1999-00

Division ________________________________________________

        Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 935, 1999 Acts 
of Assembly, I hereby certify that additional teachers have 
been employed in this school division in excess of those 
required by the Standards of Quality or those funded by the 
Primary Class Size Reduction program.  Further, I wish to 
claim the state's share of funding for _________ of these 
additional positions.

_______________________________ ____________________
   Superintendent's Signature         Date

Return this form to:            Ms. June Eanes
                                Budget Director
                                Department of Education
                                P. O. Box 2120
                                Richmond, VA  23218-2120
                                FAX (804) 225-2300