P. O. BOX 2120
January 22, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Fee Increase for 1999 Summer Residential Governor's Schools and Governor's Foreign Language Academies
The purpose of this memorandum is to inform school divisions that
contract costs associated with the Summer Residential Governor's
Schools and the Governor's Foreign Language Academies have
increased since Supts. Memo No. 145 was sent on October 9, 1998. 
Thus, it is necessary to increase the base cost for each program. 
For the 1999 programs, the Department of Education will use the
following revised per pupil amounts:

                                   Revised        Original
                                   Amount         Amount

Academic and Arts Program          $1,414         $1,126
NASA, VIMS, and CNU Mentorships    $2,105         $1,880
VCU/MCV Mentorship                 $1,956         $1,550
Foreign Language Academies         $1,653         $1,455

As in the past, a school division's contribution is based on its
composite index, not to exceed 50 percent, which will be applied
to the new amount.  The state will pay its share of the
additional costs associated with the increase.  Divisions may not
charge students to attend the programs.  Cost for a private
school student is the private school's responsibility and will be
based on the composite index of the division where the student
resides or 50 percent, whichever is less.  Travel to and from the
program and money for personal expenses must be provided by the

School divisions and private schools that have already submitted
forms to certify funding for any of the programs listed above
must submit revised forms which are included with this 
memorandum.  School divisions and private schools that have not
yet submitted forms should use the revised forms.  Revised
certification forms for both the Summer Residential Governor's
Schools and the Governor's Foreign Language Academies must be
submitted by February 12, 1999, to Mrs. Cheryl Eberly, Secondary
Instructional Services, Virginia Department of Education, PO Box
2120, Richmond, VA 23218-2120.  

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the
Governor's School programs.  Feel free to call Dr. Barbara
McGonagill (804-225-2884) with questions about the Governor's
Schools and Dr. Linda Wallinger (804-225-2593) about the Foreign
Language Academies.


Attachments:   A hard copy of this memo and its attach-
               ment will be sent to the superintendent's

c: Gifted Program Administrators
   Private School Regional Coordinators
   Private School Headmasters