P. O. BOX 2120
January 29, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Seminars on "Health and Learning: Twin Goals of American Education for the 21st Century"
  This memo is to inform school superintendents, school
  board members, and members of school health advisory
  boards about an upcoming training opportunity available
  at low cost to localities.  The Virginia Department of
  Education (VDOE), in collaboration with the National
  School Boards Association, American Association of School
  Administrators, Virginia School Boards Association
  (VSBA), American Heart Association, and American Cancer
  Society, invites school superintendents, school board
  members, and members of school health advisory boards to
  participate in a regional one-day seminar on "Health and
  Learning: Twin Goals of American Education for the 21st
  Century."  VSBA Academy Credit is available for school
  board members who participate in this event.

  The five regional seminars are scheduled for Falls Church
  (February 16), Hampton (March 11), Richmond (March 25),
  Lynchburg (March 26), and Abingdon (May 4).  Each session
  will address the direct links between a child's health
  and academic achievement, social responsibility, and
  personal success. 

  On the attached registration form, please check your
  preference date and location.  Fees for the seminar are
  minimal to encourage and assist decision makers in
  convening a team of participants from the local schools
  and communities.  Seminar pre-registration is $20.00 per
  person with on-site registration set at $25.00 each.
  Please send registrations to the American Cancer Society
  at the designated mailing address or fax number indicated
  on the attached sheet.  

  The regional sessions are offered as a result of
  evaluations from the one-day administrators' seminar held
  at Longwood College, July 9, 1998, on "Health and
  Learning: Twin Goals for American Education." 
  Participants in the summer event co-sponsored by the
  VDOE, American Association of School Administrators, and
  10 other organizations indicated this seminar should be
  provided for all school decision makers in Virginia and
  should be offered regionally.  These sessions are
  designed to provide a shared seminar experience that can
  facilitate collaborative work among superintendents,
  school board members, and school health boards. 
  Information about the event is provided on an attached
  seminar flyer, draft agenda, and registration form. 
  Please duplicate the memo and attachments as needed and
  share them with others who might be interested.  

  For additional seminar information, contact Dr. Fran
  Anthony Meyer, Comprehensive School Health Specialist,
  VDOE at 804/225-4543.  For questions about registration,
  please call Mary Bannister, American Cancer Society
  800/966-3586 or 804/572-3718. 


  Attachments: A hard copy of this memo and its attach-
               ments will be sent to the superintendent's

      Health and Learning: Twin Goals of American Education 
                     for the 21st Century
           1999 Decision Makers' Seminar Objectives
  The participants will:  
     1.   strengthen their ability to make connections
          between health and academic achievement
     2.   define characteristics of a healthy adolescent
     3.   define the components of a coordinated school
          health program that support academic
          achievement, healthy choices, and development
          of personal and social responsibility
     4.   review selected research/theories that
          contribute to understanding the links between
          health and learning
     5.   view themselves as transformational leaders who
          understand pendulum swings in education and
          welcome differences of opinion
     6.   analyze case studies of typical situations
          involving interplay between health and learning
          and suggest appropriate policies and strategies
          to address the current problems
     7.   leave better able to promote coordinated school
          health programs as an instrument in achieving
          success in learning

  Presenter: Jacquelyn G. Sowers, M.Ed.  
  The workshop leader is Jacquelyn G. Sowers, a consultant
  in human resource development, health promotion, and
  education with 35 years of experience at every level of
  schooling.  She has worked with educators, parents,
  clergy, health professionals, and community leaders in 47
  states and abroad toward the goal of developing healthier
  youth, families, schools, and communities.  Within health
  education, she has expertise in adolescent and adult
  development, learning, and motivation; sexuality
  education, pregnancy, and STD/AIDS; violence prevention,
  substance abuse, and suicide; and the development of
  moral and ethical reasoning.  She directed a national
  study of parent involvement in education and conducts a
  variety of seminars on health advocacy, goal setting,
  strategic planning, conflict resolution, and program
  implementation.  Her workshops on teaching-learning
  strategies, motivation, the development of higher order
  thinking skills, adult-child communication, and conflict
  resolution have received national acclaim.  She helped
  many school systems and communities facing controversy
  among people with diverse interests and values find the
  necessary common ground to act together in the best
    interests of children and their healthy futures.  
     Health and Learning:  Twin Goals of American Education 
                      for the 21st Century
                    Decision Makers' Seminar  
                        (Tentative Agenda)

  8:30-9:00 am   On-site Registration

  9:00-9:15 am   Welcome/Introductions    

  9:15-9:30 am   Framing the Seminar

  9:30-10:30 am  Keynote: Health and Learning:  Twin Goals
                 in American Education 
                    Links Between Health and Learning
                    Barriers to Academic Achievement
                    Health-risk Behaviors that Impair
                    Common Adult Responses: The Need to
                         Go Beyond 
                    Characteristics of a Healthy
                         Adolescent Learner
                    Coordinated School Health Programs
                           (CSHP): A Motivational Updraft
                           for Academic Achievement
                    The Bottom Line: Healthier Students,
                         Increased Academic Achievement,
                         More Socially Responsible
                         Behavior, Healthier Communities

  10:30-10:45 am    Break

  10:45-12:00 pm    Highlighting Selected Research/Theories
                      Underpinning a Coordinated School Health
                      Program That Enhances Achievement
                    Brain Functioning
                    Influences on Brain Development and
                    Nutrition and Mental Development
                    Physical Activity and Learning
                    Social Cognitive Learning
                    Risk and Protective Factors
                    Asset Development
                    Multiple Intelligences
                    Emotional Intelligence
                    Caring Communities
                    Full Service Schools

  12:00-1:30 pm Lunch
        Health and Learning:  Twin Goals of American Education 
                        for the 21st Century
                      Decision Makers' Seminar  
                    (Tentative Agenda Continued)

  1:30-2:30 pm Administrators: Leadership Challenges 
                    Tightrope Walking on a Routine Basis
                    The Communication Continuum
                    Skill Development and Guided Practice

  2:30-2:45 pm Break 

  2:45-4:15 pm Proactive Leadership for Safe and
                 Supportive Schools to Improve Student
                 Performance: Discussion and Analysis
                    Some Questions to Ask
                    Emergent Issues
                    What Do We Need?
                    Who Can Help?
                    Recommendations for Action

  4:20-4:45 pm Insights and Outtakes

  4:45 pm      Session Evaluation

  5:00 pm      Have a Safe Trip Home!!!

                      Seminar Registration Form
      Health and Learning: Twin Goals of American Education 
                      for the 21st Century"

                Pre-registration $20 per person

  On-site Registration $25

  To make food and refreshments arrangements, pre-registrations
  must be postmarked by the due date  indicated below.  After the
  due date, registrations will be accepted at the on-site fee. 
  The fee covers refreshment breaks, lunch, and resource
  materials.  Please copy and share these materials with others
  interested in participating.  

  Please type or print clearly:  

  Name: ______________________________________________________ 

  Title/Position: ____________________________________________

  Address:  __________________________________________________ 

  City/State/Zip Code: _______________________________________

  School Division/Community: _________________________________ 

  Please check your date/location preference:  
  _____   Tuesday, February 16, 1999 - Fairview Park
          Marriott, Falls Church, pre-register by
          February 9

  _____   Thursday, March 11, 1999 - Hampton Coliseum
          Hotel, Hampton, pre-register by March 4

  _____   Thursday, March 25, 1999 - Holiday Inn Richmond
          Conference Center, Richmond, pre-register by  
          March 18

  _____   Friday, March 26, 1999 - Holiday Inn Select,
          Lynchburg, pre-register by March 19

  _____   Tuesday, May 4, 1999 - Martha Washington Inn,
          Abingdon, pre-register by April 27

  Upon receipt of your registration, you will receive a
  meeting confirmation and directions to the seminar site.  

  There are a limited number of scholarships for a one
  overnight accommodation for those who live more than 60
  miles from the seminar site.  If you want to apply for
  the "overnight stay" dollars, please check here _____.  

   VSBA Academy Credits are available for this seminar.

Seminar Registration Form (Continued)

  Health and Learning: Twin Goals of American Education 
                   for the 21st Century"

              Pre-registration $20 per person

                  On-site Registration $25

  ____  Please check here and describe any dietary or
  physical limitations that need consideration. 

  The American Cancer Society will handle registration for
  this collaborative event.  Please make the check out to
  the "American Cancer Society: School Health Seminar." 
  Mail the registration form and check to:   
                         Mary Bannister, Community
                         American Cancer Society
                         4240 Park Place Court
                         Glen Allen, VA 23060
                         Telephone: 800/966-3586

  You may register by fax ONLY if you want to charge it to
  a Visa or MasterCard.  Please complete the following
  information and fax the form to Mary Bannister at
               _____ Visa          _____ MasterCard

  16-digit credit card number: ____________ Expiration Date _____

Signature: __________________________________________________