P. O. BOX 2120

June 11, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Procedure for Providing Feedback on Standards of Learning Tests

 The Board of Education and the Department of Education are committed to continually reviewing our reform efforts and
 providing opportunities for educators to send feedback regarding them. With this in mind, a formal process for receiving
 feedback regarding the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests has been developed. While many teachers and school divisions
 have provided such feedback in the past, a more formal process has been developed to encourage even more information to
 flow to the Department.  

 Each summer, and at other times during the year, the Content Review Committees meet to review potential test items, field
 test results, and eventually test forms. The feedback regarding SOL tests will be forwarded to these committees and to the
 test contractor for consideration. It is important for the teachers on the Content Review Committees to have feedback from
 their peers regarding their work.  

 SOL tests are administered as many as three times a year in some school divisions. Opportunity to provide feedback will be
 provided after each administration. The process will commence with the fall 1999 test administration.  

 The SOL tests are secure and each person who works with them signs a security agreement acknowledging that the content
 of the tests must not be discussed outside the testing situation. It is very likely that feedback regarding the SOL tests will refer
 to specific test content. The procedure that has been developed allows this feedback to take place during the period in which
 division staff may review the SOL tests as outlined in Informational Superintendent's Memo. No. 70, dated April 2, 1999.  

 During these review sessions, the division staff may complete a feedback form regarding the tests. The process requires that
 each school division's Director of Testing serve as the contact person for the feedback forms and must be responsible for
 forwarding them to the Department of Education in the prescribed manner.  

 Outlined below are the steps that will be used in the SOL test feedback process. A sample of the form that will be used is
 included with this memo. The actual forms will be sent to your Division Director of Testing prior to each test administration
 beginning with the fall 1999 administration.  

   1.Teachers should be provided the opportunity to complete the feedback forms in a group setting at the school level
      convened in the manner described in Informational Superintendent's Memo. No. 70, dated April 2, 1999.  
   2.Completed forms should be collected by the person at the school level designated by the Division Director of Testing
      to monitor the review. Feedback forms should then be placed in a sealed envelope and forwarded to the Division
      Director of Testing. Transmittal of these forms should be in a manner that both parties feel is secure.  
   3.The Division Director of Testing is asked to collect all feedback forms for the school division and submit them as one
      package to the Division of Assessment and Reporting at the Department of Education. Please submit them to the
      department via a form of receipted mail. 
   4.A deadline for receipt of this information for each test administration will be provided to the Division Director of

 We appreciate your cooperation in working with staff and the Department of Education to provide this important feedback.
 Should you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to call the Division of Assessment and Reporting at
 (804) 225-2102.  


           A hard copy of this memeo and its attachment will be sent to the superintendent's