P. O. BOX 2120

June 18, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Action of the Board of Education Relative to K-3 Reading and Mathematics Achievement Record

 Regulation 8 VAC 20-131-80 of the Standards of Accreditation requires that "Schools 
 shall maintain, in a manner prescribed by the Board, an early skills and knowledge 
 achievement record in reading and math for each student in grades K-3 to monitor 
 student progress and to promote student achievement in the third grade SOL tests. 
 This record shall be included with a student's records if the student transfers to 
 a new school." 

 At its meeting on May 27, 1999, the Board of Education set the following minimum 
 requirements for the K-3 reading and math achievement records.  

   1.For each student in grades K-3, schools shall maintain, at a minimum, a record 
   of achievement for each of the K-3 English and Mathematics Standards of Learning. 
   2.School divisions may determine the levels of performance used to measure students' 
   achievement of the K-3 English and Mathematics Standards of Learning. The levels 
   of performance must be defined numerically and clearly indicated on the achievement 
   3.A record of intervention or remediation strategies and services must be a part 
   of the achievement record. These requirements address the critical issues of the 
   regulation and provide local school divisions with flexibility in terms of the
   record's format and the choice of additional achievement indicators to supplement
   the required minimum indicators.  

 Attached are two sample reading and two sample math achievement records, which may 
 be used as models as school divisions develop their own achievement records. 
 Committees composed of personnel from sixteen local school divisions and the Department 
 of Education reading and mathematics specialists developed these sample achievement
 records. Electronic (e-mail with attached files) or a disk copy of the samples are 
 available upon request to the program specialists listed below.  

 Questions relating to the reading achievement record should be directed to Linda 
 Poorbaugh, reading and language arts specialist, at 804-786-3925, or by e-mail to Questions relating to the math achievement record should be
 directed to Dr. Carol Rezba, mathematics specialist, at 804/225-2676, or by e-mail 


 A hard copy of this memeo and its attachments will be sent to the superintendent's