P. O. BOX 2120
July 16, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Sample Curricula Aligned to the Standards of Learning
We are pleased to provide you with updated information 
regarding the availability of sample curricula in the 
areas of mathematics, science and English that are 
aligned to the Standards of Learning.  These resources 
will be available in two forms. An HTML format will be 
available July 19 on the Department Home Page 
( under "POPULAR", then under 
"Standards of Learning: Instruction, Assessment, and  Training
Resources", and finally, under "SOL Resources".   Also, a CD-ROM
disc will be distributed using Microsoft  WORD 6.0, which can be
opened on either a MAC or PC  platform. The CD will be mailed, one
per division, to the  division superintendent's office during the
week of  September 30, 1999. The Web page version in HTML text may
be downloaded into a local word processing program of 
your choice and may be edited or modified. The original 
design of this project was to include samples from 
various school divisions solicited via Superintendent's 
Memo. No. 65 and have the CD distributed in June.

The sample curricula have been developed by several 
regional consortia of small school divisions and are 
intended to be used as a resource, reference, or 
beginning point for local curriculum development efforts, 
not as a state curriculum nor as one that can be 
implemented locally without modification. The samples are 
offered as examples of different formats and approaches 
to curriculum development. The intent of this resource is 
to provide a beginning point for local curriculum 
efforts, understanding that considerable staff 
development, alignment to specific instructional 
materials, and the development of additional enabling 
objectives to foster student readiness may be necessary. 

All contents of these resources are copyrighted. Use by
commercial companies, private consultants, or 
organizations outside of Virginia is prohibited without 
prior approval. Under no circumstances may the contents 
of these resources be used in a for-profit endeavor.

As an additional resource Dr. Robert Hanny, professor of 
education at The College of William and Mary, has 
provided an introduction that offers guidance in terms of 
appropriate use of the resources as well as tips for 
developing and aligning curricula. Questions regarding 
the content or interpretation of the Standards of 
Learning should be directed to the appropriate K-8 
subject specialist noted below. Questions regarding the 
use of the curriculum resources as a whole should be 
directed to Dr. James Heywood, director, Elementary and 
Middle School Instructional Services, at either or (804) 225-2865. We hope this 
resource will be helpful as you continue to align your 
local curricula to Virginia's Standards of Learning.

Mrs. Linda Poorbaugh
K-8 English Specialist
(804) 786-3925

Mr. James Firebaugh
K-8 Science Specialist
(804) 225-2651

Dr. Carol Rezba
K-8 Mathematics Specialist
(804) 225-2676