P. O. BOX 2120
July 23, 1999


TO: Division Superintendents
FROM: Paul D. Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction
SUBJECT: Standards of Learning Assessment Remediation Initiative

Funding for the Standards of Learning Assessment Remediation 
Initiative has been slightly increased over last year.  As a 
result, there will be an increase in your local allocation 
for 1999-00, as noted in the attachment.

It is necessary to annually renew the certification 
regarding the use of these funds. The requirements are 
essentially the same as originally noted in Superintendent's 
Memo #83, dated June 12, 1998.  If you wish to continue to 
participate in this initiative, please fax the attached 
certification sheet.

A new provision in the 1999-2000 appropriation indicates 
that ?School divisions may also use this funding for 
students who may require remediation to perform adequately 
on the Standards of Learning assessments.? Examples of 
students who would qualify under this provision include 
children in grades K-2 who may be reading below grade level 
and are thus at-risk on the Standards of Learning 
assessments or transfer students who have yet to take a 
state assessment.

School divisions may design their own instructional models 
for the implementation of this remediation initiative.  
Based upon conversations with staff from several divisions, 
program designs in 1998-99 included: Saturday school, before 
or after school, summer school, and tutoring programs.  It 
is encouraging to note that several school divisions are 
using an individualized approach. They range from summer 
school remediation and intensive year-round remediation for 
students who missed the cut score of 400 scale score points 
by a wide margin, to an after school program for those who 
missed the cut score by just a few points.

For additional information, please contact Dr. James 
Heywood, director, Office of Elementary and Middle School 
Instructional Services at (804) 225-2865 or at


Attachment A 

Standards of Learning Assessment Remediation Initiative Funds

Please return this form to the Department of Education by 
August 13, 1999 in order for the allocated funds to be released
to your school division as soon as possible.  Although funds will
be released upon receipt of this application at any time, funding
will be delayed for applications received after August 13.
Attention: James S. Heywood
[Fax:   (804) 786-1703]

            Superintendent's Certification and Application

The division plans to participate in the Standards of Learning 
Assessment Remediation Initiative and will ensure that the following
conditions are met in the implementation of the initiative.

(a) the local match requirement has been met

(b) the remediation programs are for students who "are determined
to require remediation based upon their performance on the Standards
of Learning assessments." 

(c) the remediation programs funded by this Initiative shall provide
instructional time in addition to the regular instructional day and 
year. (i.e. before or after school, weekends or summer school)

(d) teachers utilized in these remediation programs funded by the
Initiative will receive or have received training in remediation

I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the
best of my knowledge.

__________________________________   ________________________________
Signature--Division Superintendent           School Division